Review: Pushed by A. F. Crowell

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Pushed is the first book in the Torn series and itwas absolutely phenomenal! AF Crowell gives it all to her readers with drama and off the charts sexual chemistry, and leaves us stunned and ready to read the rest of this heart twisting saga. Pushed is the start of a turbulent love story that includes Leila, Brody, and Jaxon. She had my heart pounding for both Brody and Jaxon and left me wondering who is going to win over the headstrong Leila. Will she pick the debonair millionaire or the bad boy biker?G_BlVlmn.png large

Leila Matthews is used to living life on her own terms attached to no one except her brother who has now been shot and is fighting for his life. Little did she know that this trauma was going to bring a sexy, broody, millionaire crashing into her life. Brody is everything she has ever wanted but was not looking for. He becomes her rock during this crisis and sets her body afire. Add a sexy biker who seems to harmlessly flirt with her and offers friendship and she is stuck in a chaotic mess that affects her heart and her future.

“Ooh, Mr. Bossy is back. I love Mr. Bossy. The second Mr. Bossy showed up I needed a new pair of panties. I loved when he went all alpha during sex. Manhandling me and taking what he wanted.”

Ra31An_e.png largeBrody Davis is a hot, extremely wealthy man who is known for his bedroom activities. After rushing to the hospital when his good friend Drew is shot, he comes face to face with Drew’s gorgeous younger sister. He is immediately drawn to Leila and will do anything to prove that his “player” days are behind him and convince Leila that she should give him a chance. I couldn’t help but succumb to Brody’s charms and prowess that he demonstrates both in and out of the bedroom. He is the perfect mixture of Dom and prince that makes a readers temperature rise and heart melt.dLVGiHTx.png large

“I only want to give you pleasure, babe. It’s a huge turn on to watch you moan and come at my hand. If you don’t enjoy it, then neither do I.”

Just when you think that the story can’t get any more heated, in rides the sex dripping, leather clad Jaxon who plans on keeping things interesting. Having been stitched up by Leila recently at the hospital, she has caught his interest and he wants to get to know her. No “suit” is going to keep him from getting “friendly” with Leila and being there for her when her life begins to crumble. It is hard not to fall for this sexy, dangerous man who despite his hard outer shell has a soft heart for Leila.

“It’s not every day that a woman turns me down. I tend to remember her name, and since there’s only ever been you, it’s a short list.”

AF Crowell delivers an intriguing story line, angst filled characters, and enough drama and sexiness to leave you greedy for more. I cannot wait to read more about this trio in Pulled and Torn and see what other twists and turns that AF Crowell takes both her characters and readers on. I highly recommend for a intense love story that leaves emotions high and has endless possibilities. AF Crowell has talent for steam romance that keeps the reader engrossed from the first chapter to the last and begging for more.

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