Review: Pulled by A. F. Crowell

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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A. F. Crowell aptly named this book Pulled because my emotions were pulled this way and that throughout this book. Both of the heroes are equal parts sexy and frustrating, while the heroine is strong, beautiful and bad ass! Leila, Jaxon, and Brody are wrapped up in a complicated mess that doesn’t just concern them but also a soon to be born child. The minute Pulled appeared on my kindle, I was yanked back into this angst filled world that involves and intertwines the lives of these three individuals in such a way that you can’t help but become addicted. I was curious to see how the drama was going to unfold and witness the passion that would consume Leila and Jaxon. After witnessing the uncontrollable desires that ignited with Leila and Brody in Pushed, I was doubtful to how hot the steam would be in Pulled. I was completely wrong because Leila and Jaxon burned just as hot and bright!

“Sitting there watching my stomach stretch in different direction, I wondered how to choose between the man who stole my heart and the one who imprinted himself on my soul.”

Leila has been slayed by Brody’s response to her pregnancy and now must pick up the pieces and move on and become the sole parent to her unborn child. When Jaxon decides to befriend her and help her along on this scary journey, the last thing Leila expects is to become infatuated and branded by him. In the midst of a growing belly and new love, Brody steps back into the picture full of remorse and begs for a second chance to prove his love. Leila shows great strength during a confusing and stressful time in her life. She feels a pull and a love for both of these men but now she must decide how the past will affect her future.

Sensing my arousal Jaxon stepped to me, grabbed my hand and placed it over his hard as a rock erection and murmured, “Tell me you aren’t just as turned on as I am from one kiss. Are you wet for me Lei?”

Jaxon is everything you would expect from a biker. He is a sexy, motorcycle riding hottie with that dangerous flair, but when he stepped up to help Leila, my heart was his from then on. Even when he was so blinded by rage and jealousy that he made one of the worst mistakes and hurt Leila deeply. He is passionate in and out of the bedroom and gives Leila everything that he has forever and always.

“No matter what happens, I’m here with you. Things won’t always be perfect. We’ll have fights, that’s a given, but I’m not going anywhere.” He pulled back and looked at me. ” I love you Leila. Nothin’ will ever change that.”

It was heartbreaking what Brody puts his “Lei” through yet I was still excited to read more about this debonaire, dominating sexy man. Even though my heart is Jaxon’s he still owns a piece of it much like he does with Leila. It is impossible not to love him and care for this broody hero after experiencing the scorching heat between him and Leila in Pushed.
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A. F. Crowell delivers a riveting sequel in the Torn saga that leaves your heart in pieces with emotions swirling for both alphas and waiting for the next book in the series. Crowell Pushed us to love these amazing characters that Pulled us into their world in different directions and has left us Torn to read the exciting finale of Leila, Brody, and Jaxon’s story. I highly recommend for an emotion filled, heated journey with many unexpected turns.


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