Author Resources: Review Policy

Author Resources: Review Policy

pen-policyDear Author,

Thank you very much for your interest in having me do a review for you. I feel honored and privileged whenever I’m trusted to read and review an author’s work. I do review honestly, but I never want to post a negative or scathing critique. I am a lover of the Romance genre, but as you know there are many different flavors of romance. It is my sincere hope that this review policy will make it easier for you to know if I will consider your book for a review. If selected, I will write a 3-5 star review of your book on Amazon and GoodReads, and for books I really love I will write a longer, more in-depth, review right here on this blog. Listed below are examples of what I will likely accept and what I will definitely not accept.

Romance Genres that I will likely read and review:

  • Contemporary Romance – Stories about adults in present day situations. Romance and sexual relations between consenting adults. Happily Ever After (HEA) or Happy For Now (HFN) endings are a plus.
  • New Adult/College Romance – Stories about young adults 18-25 in present day situations. Coming of age stories. Romance and sexual relations between consenting adults. HEA or HFN endings are a plus.
  • Erotic Romance – Stories about adults in present day situations with slight kink involved (I.E.: Stepbrother Romance). Fifty Shades of Grey type stuff. Romance is still the primary theme, but could have wilder sexual scenes. HEA and HFN are a plus.

Romance Genres that I may or may not read and review:

  • Erotica – If done tastefully, I may read some short Erotica books involving couples or menage trios. Some BDSM, Spanking, Bondage, etc. While I prefer stories with an actual plot, I will read short books that just establish the setting and then go right into the erotic relationship. Consenting adults please. When I say tastefully, I mean that the book can be incredibly steamy without being crude and degrading. It’s a grey area, but I prefer not to read about where certain fluids go. Books that are nothing than porn in a word-form is not appealing to me.
  • Dark Romance – Some stores have a little more violence in them. That’s not a deal breaker as long as it is done tastefully. Consenting Adults please… no rape stories. HEA or HFN a must (I’d rather not finish the book feeling depressed).
  • Sweet Romance – These are romances that are heavy on the romance but have very little to no sex scenes. While not a deal breaker in and of itself, I do prefer to have sexual tension in the books I read with a satisfying conclusion.
  • Paranormal Romance – Shape Shifters, Vampires, Ghosts… While I loved the Twilight series, I read these types of romances sparingly and these novels don’t exactly fit with the theme of this blog.
  • Sci-Fi and Fantasy Romance – Time Travel, Alternate Dimensions, Alternate Worlds, Aliens, Dragons, Space travel… it’s just not my thing, even it romance and sexual tension was a part of it.

Romance Genres that I will NOT read:

  • Historical Romance – AKA Period Romances. While I used to read these years ago, I am much more fond of the genres I’m reading now. The covers of most historical romances don’t usually fit side-by-side with the contemporary books I’m currently reading. While these stories may be just as excellent, I’m not into heavy descriptions of setting and history.
  • Sad Romance – I read books for fun. I don’t want to cry while I read. That being said, at least two of my favorite books fall into this category. I prefer these books to leave me feeling hope for the future.
  • True Stories – I read fiction to escape reality and have fun. I’m not interested in the personal lives of celebrities, nor do I want to know about what happens in the VIP rooms of clubs, or backstage at the porn studio.
  • Other Genres – Poetry, Suspense, Horror, Mystery, Gothic, or other genre’s not already listed.

Special note on Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance

While “I” personally don’t read these, I will still gladly tweet about your books. My growing audience does enjoy these flavors of romance, and some folks I work with may be interested in reading and reviewing.

Other Considerations

When I consider a book to review, I ask myself “Would I want to BUY this book if I wasn’t a blogger / book reviewer?”. I look at the cover and I read the description and base my decision on that. I avoid reading other peoples reviews because I want my unbiased objective voice to shine through in the reviews I write. Please keep in mind that these are my own personal criteria.

1.With few exceptions, if the cover doesn’t “fit” with what I would post on Rochelle’s Reviews, I may decline to read the book. About 95% of the covers are just fine, but some books have cartoon covers or show full frontal nudity with words just barely covering the naughty bits. I DO judge books by covers, at least when it comes to what I’m going to spend my time reading.

2.Crude Sex Scenes. As I mentioned earlier, a scene can be extremely erotic and steamy and still be tasteful. Scenes that degrade women I’m just not into. Crude language and vivid descriptions of bodily fluids are a turn off for me, and I will not finish a book if it crosses over into this area.

Final Thoughts

I wish I could accept all requests all the time. Unfortunately I am only one person running this blog and reading books, and a limited amount of time to do each. I receive new requests on a daily basis and my “To Be Read” list fills up very fast.