Review: Parisian Nights by Louise Bay

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Having already read Promised Nights (previously Calling Me) and Indigo Nights and seeing glimpses of Haven and Jake, I couldn’t wait to go back to the beginning of the Nights series and jump in bed with this couple and find out all their dirty little secrets and see them fall in love fast and hard. Louise Bay once again proved to me that she is the master of having her readers fall for multi-faceted characters that will cross oceans to be with one another. Haven and Jake tear each others walls down, clothes off, and are a force to be reckoned with. They are flared tempers, scorching words, ignited desires, and wounded hearts that are later healed.

“Tonight, we would be together. When the spell of Paris was broken who knew what would happen, but tonight would be perfect.”

Haven is an investigative reporter for the magazine Rallegra who disguises her beauty beneath a severe hair style and baggy funeral style clothes while giving everything to her job. Her next assignment on the musician turned actress Sandy Fox could put her in the running for a promotion that everyone is vying for including her. That is until she must work closely with a rich and sexy playboy photographer that could ruin her one and only chance at being on the top. Haven was interesting and true to life with her many layers of insecurities and vulnerability that she hid underneath all of her clothes. She needed someone like Jake to show her how beautiful she is both inside and out.

“Tell me you don’t want this.” She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and presented her wrists. Jesus, that got me hard as steel. The way she struggled, then submitted like that.”

Jake aka “Harry” is helping out a friend at Rallegra while biding his time gathering investments for a new company he is building. When he is paired with Haven on the assignment and given a healthy dose of her misconceptions about him and her attitude, he plans on showing her exactly how wrong she is! What he doesn’t plan on is the passion that sparks between them and threatens to explode. Jake is definitely all alpha male under that tie and suit and knew exactly how to use all of his charm and intelligence to get what he wants both in life and in the bedroom. He is sexy, dominant, confident, and unapologetic about who he is in a way that would make any woman fall head over heels.

“This is what you need. You need someone to take it all away from you and give you something more. You don’t get to choose. I’m going to use your body how I wish.”

Louise Bay has quickly become one of my favorite authors and does so more with each book of hers that I read. She knows how to give her readers complex characters, titillating scenes, and heart warming romance. Her heroines are always strong willed, beautiful, and feisty and her heroes know just how to seduce them and keep their heart and bodies tied in knots. Parisian nights gives us all this with enough angst and heart palpitations to keep us in a constant emotional upheaval. I highly recommend for hot beginning to an addictive series!


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