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Opening Hearts by Jerica MacMillanAfter reading Managed Hearts and a shorter version of Opening Hearts in the Because Beards anthology, I was so ecstatic that Jerica listened to her many clamoring fans and gave us more of Matt and Hannah. I just had to see what happened after they got cozy at the bonfire and Hannah loses her innocence and heart to the most mouth watering surfer….hmmm.

Hannah Glover is spending the summer on vacation with her best friend and her parents. What she didn’t expect was to meet the love of her life. For those who have already read Managed Hearts, this is the summer when Matt and Hannah first meet and it is so sticky, sweet, and packed with all the feels of a new love that you won’t want to miss their beginning. They kept me enthralled with their time by the ocean and evenings of uncontrollable desires and urges during their “Netflix and Chill” dates.

“Surf lessons sound like fun.” She flapped a hand at the water. ‘You seem like a good teacher.’ He shifted closer, his blue eyes twinkling. “Oh I am.”

Matt has charmed me from the moment I met him in the Players of Marycliff series, so anytime I get to be in the presence of this surfalicious hunk, I am ready and willing! Getting to spend the summer with him and Hannah covered in sand and frolicking in the sea is a book worth reading and imagining every innocent touch, moan of desire, and myriad of emotions makes it all the better.

Would she blush the first time he looked at her without her shirt on? The first time he tasted her? The first time she saw him? Would she be willing to use her mouth on him?

Jerica Macmillan gives her fans exactly what we want, more time with two emotionally gripping and well loved characters from before their time at Marycliff University. Opening Hearts woos readers with the budding of Matt and Hannah’s love and draws us back into the fold of these amazing characters. Another wonderful addition to a series that I have grown to love more with every hero that has me swooning and each new heroine I envy.

A small smile tilted the corners of his mouth. The mouth that had just been all over her. Where no one else had ever touched, much less looked at, or … kissed and licked and sucked like his favorite dessert.

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