Review: Ocean by Jo Raven

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

As soon as I have a new Jo Raven book on my kindle, it is almost impossible for me to concentrate on anything else. Jo Raven’s writing is unlike any other author that I have ever read. She has the ability to take us back to innocence, show us dark lives that find the light, and still bring the gritty, raw scenes of sexual need and desire that we must have. Jo Raven gives us yet another beautiful inked and troubled bad boy to take a piece of our heart along with the whimsical young woman that he falls for. Ocean and Kayla are full of insecurities, pain, loneliness, hidden behind a world of swirling colors and desire.

“First rule of love, as I’m coming to realize, is that control is a thing of the past. You can only let yourself go and brace for the impact.”

Ocean Storm, with his muscular inked body and blue mussed hair captured our interest and grabbed our hearts in earlier works by Jo Raven. Being a tattoo artist at Damage Control, we have been teased with tidbits of this character. In Ocean we get up close and personal and find out more about his familial hell and his severed relationship with his brother Rain. While drowning in a sea of pain and ever growing family obligations Ocean can’t seem to keep Kayla off of his mind. The last thing he needs is to fall for someone who is worthy of so much more then what he can give her, a person who has failed everyone in his past. I loved every minute that I spent with Ocean from his carefree “can’t let my friends see my pain” facade to his broody fast and furious side, he is the perfect complement to both the Damage Boyz and Kayla.

“He lifts his tousled head, eyes gleaming, and licks his lips. ‘F**king sweet.’ He watches me through heavy-lidded eyes. ‘Think I got a sugar rush.”

Kayla Everett is a spontaneous colorful person who cannot be controlled by her overly conservative family. Now that she is out from under their thumb she is all about being true to herself and be a free spirit, except deep down she is truly jaded and doesn’t believe in true love. That is until she lays eyes on a certain blue eyed, blue haired, inked boy a few months ago and hasn’t been able to think of anyone else since. If only he would let her read his palm and her tarot cards would show her if they have a future together. Kayla’s whole persona is all about fun, from the red color of her hair to reading tea leaves and palms of all of her friends. She charmed me with her spunky personality and bohemian clothing but she made me truly love her character when I saw the scared disillusioned little girl that she hid from the world.

“And there it is. That gleam of darkness. That crack in his pretty boy facade that draws me like poisonous honey. Draws me in, and makes my heart ache.”

Jo Raven delivers over and over to us these sexy, lost, bad boys who carve out a piece of our heart. The Inked Brotherhood and Damage Boyz and the strong willed woman that love them continue to etch themselves into our soul. Ocean and Kayla have added a new vivid couple to the mix and given us another steamy, spectacular read that is sure to delight her new and old fans alike. It is impossible to list which book of Jo Raven’s is the best, but I can say after Zane and now Ocean that blue is my new favorite color. While Ocean is a standalone a reader can’t help but want to absorb every book about these troubled, misunderstood, sexy boys that find love in the arms of beautiful strong women who catch them when they fall.


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