Review: Never Tear Us Apart series by Monica Murphy

Never Tear Us Apart (Never Tear Us Apart #1)

The moment I read the blurb about Katherine and Ethan’s tragic past and how they were intertwined together, I just had to read their story. Monica tells the story through both Katherine and Ethan’s point of view and has her reader’s emotions seesawing back and forth, from looking back into their past one chapter and then flying back into the present in the next. I was entrenched into this dark and twisted world from the beginning and was an apt audience to their love budding, being severed, and flourishing again as the story progresses.

“I should celebrate that I’m alive, not hide in the shadows. I haven’t been allowed to talk for so long and I feel almost…liberated.”

Katherine and Ethan share an unbreakable bond of being a victim of a vicious sadistic man. This leaves them as broken people in the midst of a media circus of people with questions about Katherine’s captivity, her rescue, and the man who caused it all. Monica walks us through a myriad of emotions, abuse, and suffering that happens before, during, and after the abduction. To see the compassion, love, and desire that builds from something so evil leaves me awestruck and ready to read the rest of Katherine and Ethan’s story in Never Let Go.

“just like that, seeing her, hearing her, I’m the old me again, cracked so wide open it makes my heart hurt.”

While clearly dark subject matter, Monica’s novel is so beautifully written with such an engrossing story line and spell binding love story that I couldn’t help but fall in love with Katherine and Ethan and feel every tear that spilled, heart flutter, and brush of their skin. I highly recommend for a romance filled with emotional depth and a love that grows in the most unconventional of ways. This story will never let go of your emotions and heart.

“I put that glow on her face, that sparkle in her gaze. I’m the one responsible for making her feel sexual pleasure for the first time in her life.”

Never Let You Go (Never Tear Us Apart #2)

I received a copy via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

The moment Monica Murphy’s new book Never Let You Go was up for grabs, I was clamoring to read the conclusion to Katherine and Ethan’s heart wrenching, tragic story. It has left our hearts gaping open and love pouring out for these characters in hopes that they will find their way back to one another. Through the first novel, Never Tear Us Apart, Monica conveyed the tragedy that both Ethan and Katherine endured at hands of an evil man. This time she ramps up the steam and the suspense with not only points of view from both Katherine and Ethan but a glimpse into the mind of the monster himself. Reading his point of view helps us to understand Ethan and Katherine’s deep connection, and to sear into our minds the increasing anxiety and helplessness we feel towards the danger that is heading their way.

Katherine feels betrayed by Ethan while still feeling the magnetic pull that she tries to fight against, but ultimately can’t resist. Seeing Katherine grow as a woman of strength after all that she endures is empowering and inspiring. She is no longer a victim but a woman who is embracing her sexuality and learning to get past fears and carry on with her life. If only disaster wasn’t on the horizon and maliciousness didn’t lurk around the corner waiting to prey on her new found freedom and confidence.

Ethan is full of remorse and will do anything to prove his love for Katherine and protect her at all costs. When reading from his perspective, you can truly feel his anger towards his father, his desire and all consuming love for Katherine, and his fear for her safety. If I wasn’t already in love with this troubled guy in Never Tear Us Apart, I’m absolutely besotted with him know. He is sexy, fierce, broody and over protective, just the way I like my heroes.

Monica delivers an end to Katherine and Ethan’s story that is nail biting, knee quivering, and causes uncontrollable heart flutters. I highly recommend the Never Tear Us Apart series for a love story that drag you into the darkness and hurl you into the light. Their story is full of twist and turns that will have you flying high and heart dropping falls that keep the reader engrossed from beginning to end. So hold on tight and get ready for an emotion filled ride.




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