Review: Neighbor Dearest by Penelope Ward

After reading Stepbrother Dearest and falling deeply and madly in love with Elec and Greta as a couple, I had mixed feelings about reading Neighbor Dearest. I was happy for Chelsea to grab a hold of her happy ever after and never let go, apprehensive about how my precious Elec would be referred to in this book, but the curiosity won out and I just had to jump in and experience another steamy story by Penelope Ward. Having read many of her books, she has quickly become a must read author on my list so read it I did! Chelsea and Damien are my favorite kind of love story that develops from a mutual distaste for one another to an unbreakable friendship an ends in body scorching passion!

My heart went out to the trusting and sweet Chelsea Jameson in Stepbrother Dearest. As much as I knew that Elec and Greta were destined to be together, I hated for her heart to be crushed and was so happy when Damian and his adorable furry double D’s came crashing into Chelsea’s life Neighbor Dearest. Between Chelsea’s conversations with her therapist and her penchant for menage romance novels and cooking mishaps, I was kept laughing from beginning to end.

“My heart was no longer hurting for Elec; it was hurting for Damien. I was afraid Damien was going to hurt me far worse than Elec ever did.”

From the moment Damien Hennessey and his cocky, broody artist demeanor and bionic hearing were introduced, I was a goner. I fell hard for his rockin’ body, his big heart, and the unconditional and unwavering friendship and love that he gives Chelsea. He had me wrapped around his finger from the beginning and his sexy moves had me fanning myself and thinking, for just a moment, Elec who? He was tall, dark, hot, and exactly the type of neighbor Chelsea needed to borrow more than just a cup of sugar and have hilarious conversations with through the wall.

“She came to complain about the dogs, and all I wanted to do was kiss her senseless.”

Penelope Ward worked her magic yet again and created another spell binding story that has readers captivated and waiting for the next romance to hit us in the emotional solar plexus. I enjoyed every heart pumping, tongue salivating, steamy, angsty minute of Damien and Chelsea’s story and can’t wait to experience the next read that Penelope sends our way. I highly recommend Neighbor Dearest for romance that will have you fallen hard and cheering for an all consuming second love that will mend both the heroine and the readers broken hearts.

“I’ll never get enough of this,” he whispered in my ear. “You are so f**ked, Chelsea Jameson, because I’m gonna want to be inside of you all of the time.”


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