Review: Moto by M. Never

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

This being the first book that I have read by M. Never I didn’t really know what to expect but the blurb and teaser had me hooked…I just had to know more about these sexy brothers! After experiencing the heat and heartache that encompass Kayla, Reese, and Dev all I can think is…what a ride! These three have such an emotional, sizzling journey that races to the finish line and leaves you winded and wishing for more of this titillating threesome.

Kayla Kincade is a trauma nurse who distanced herself from the motorcross racing world which seems to be a huge part of the identity of the little town that she lives in. Because of her past, she has made a pact to never be drawn into that dangerous world ever again. She has already found it hard to resist Dev, the debonair, motor bike riding doctor from work, but when she meets his adrenaline junkie twin brother Reese, she knows she is in danger of losing her heart to both of them. Her witty comebacks and phrase “dream about it” won’t keep them away for long and soon she won’t be able to deny them or herself. Experiencing her love for both of these sexy men, I couldn’t help but feel every ounce of happiness and tears along the way.

Devlin Dane has been trying to convince the beautiful Kayla to take a chance with him for months and he knows he has her close to her breaking point. He will do everything in his power to show her that he is the one for her and teach her how to submit to his dark desires and show her heights of pleasure that she has never known. I fell in love with this dark controlling prince who not only wooed and seduced Kayla but me as well. His love for both Kayla and his brother brought me to my knees emotionally.

Reese Dane aka “the phantom” is known for his skills on the track and in bed. He lives by the motto… “give me f**king fast” and knows how to handle his bike and his women. After meeting Kayla, he knows that she will be his next conquest to ride but what he doesn’t count on is that she will take his heart for a wild ride as well. Reese is beyond sexy with his charismatic, cocky attitude and had me falling hard and fast from his the first sexy innuendo he threw Kayla’s way.

M. Never takes her readers on a passionate bumpy ride that has an unexpected powerful ending that mends your heart that was tattered along the way. Kayla, Dev, and Reese’s story has twist and turns and up and downs that keep the readers riveted and aroused from beginning to end. I highly recommend for an extra steamy romance with not one but two sexy men to take you on a fast and thrilling ride. M. Never does menage romance like no other and has convinced me to read her other steamy books for another taste of her writing style and intriguing characters.



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