Review! Mixed Up by Emma Hart

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

Mixed Up by Emma HartEmma Hart has got my emotions in a complete tale spin with her newest stand alone romance Mixed Up. I was excited to have some fun and get down and dirty with another couple created by Emma but I also couldn’t wait to meet the family because she always has a bunch crazy wild relatives wrapped up in their fictional story. It wasn’t long before I was rolling in laughter and cozied up with the people of Whiskey Key and a very feisty Raven and Parker, the hottest chef around. Emma always keeps her stories hot, fun, and unable to put down!

Raven Archer is a genius mixologist and owner of an up and coming bar named Dirty. When she isn’t coming up with crazy alcoholic drinks and their creative slutty names then she is dealing with her zany Greek family. With a family reunion quickly approaching the last thing that she needs is to have to interact with her childhood enemy Parker Hamiltion but when the situation calls for culinary skills he is the best and she can’t deny it. Raven had me seduced with her black hair, fiery temper, quick comebacks, sexy curves, and red lips. She is always in a verbal sparring match with someone and who better than the delectable Parker to go toe to toe with.

“I was attracted to him and his dark hair, his full, smirking lips, and his deep, cocky voice. I didn’t know how to stop it, and it only made me hate him more.” 

Parker Hamilton is a man built with good taste from his delicious muscles, dirty mouth, to his oh so talented hands that know how to keep it hot and sizzling in both the kitchen and the bedroom. Not only does he manage to get beneath Raven’s prickly facade and find the soft underneath but he manages to charm his way into reader’s hearts in no time!

“She was so many different kinds of forbidden it wasn’t even close to funny. My best friend’s sister, my boss, the person I’d hated my whole life. Raven Archer was a brutal, sharp tongued vixen capable of building you up and tearing you down in the same sentence.”

Emma Hart delivers another smokin’ hot story with lots of hilarity, verbal foreplay, and lets not forget the alcohol! I highly recommend Mixed Up for a romance with a searing couple and a humorous Greek family to keep you entertained in every way. Emma never fails to amaze readers with her come to life relatives and their quirky personalities. I finish all of her stories crazy in love with ALL of the characters and ready for more.

“His hand was still firmly buried in my hair, still gripping tightly, when he brought his mouth to my ear. ‘Tell me not to kiss you again,’ he whispered. ‘Tell me not to fuck you..Boss.’


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