Review: Mafia Princess by Bella J.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

Mafia PrincessI quickly fell for Bella J’s writing from the moment I met Knox and Juliette in Resplendent Ruin and got to know them and their twisted love story. With each new book, of hers I open, I become more besotted with her writing and have watched her grow as author and story teller. After reading Mafia Princess, I have to say that it is her hottest book yet! Karina and Lorik are the epitome of forbidden fruit, scorching hot desire, and roller coaster suspense. Bella drags us kicking and screaming into the mafia world in Boston and shows us that love has no limits, restrictions, and can conquer all danger.

Karina Valenti has had her heart shattered by someone forbidden by her family four years ago and the last thing she wants to do is come home and be drawn into another equally dangerous and off limits relationship. She already has enough to worry about with her dad, Lorenzo Valenti trying to keep her entrenched in the mafia family, where she doesn’t want to be. Throw in an intrusive but oh so hot detective who is investigating her family and soon passion is raging, emotions are high, and hearts at stake. Karina is a heroine after my own heart who is equal parts sexy and sassy and will struggle against the world, her two brothers and father included, to have her independence.

“judging by the desire currently pooling between my legs I was convinced that if we continued with this little game, it would end with me bent over this goddamn steel table, cuffed and gasping for air while he proved to me what a liar I am over…and over…and over again.”

Lorik Stone kept me entertained with his sarcastic wit and inner dialogue. If that wasn’t enough, his alpha male tendencies and filthy mouth had me hooked. I fell hard for this man with a huge heart, strong sense of justice, and all the sexy moves! There was no way for Karina to resist him and when they got together sparks didn’t just fly…they exploded, no matter whether they were in public or not. So hold onto your seats ladies because sex with Lorik and Karina is a bumpy and thrilling ride!

“The fact that I’m half Albanian made for some serious gossip, and some piss-poor jokes back at the station… not only am I the best detective Boston had seen in a long time, I’m also the prettiest.”

Bella J delivers a scorching tale of love that crosses the line and breaks all the rules. I highly recommend Mafia Princess for a romance that is sure to titillate and leave you wishing for a gorgeous detective of your own to tangle with. Bella J’s characters are deep, her story lines are captivating, and the steam will leave you limp limbed and craving more. Bella J impresses me more with each book and will continue to invade my to be read list with all of her future reads!

“And your body isn’t screaming for me to touch you right now?” “You are touching me,” she replied softly. “I am. But you and I both know this isn’t the only way you want me to touch you.”


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