Review: Love to Win by Lisa Ricard Claro

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. 

Love to Win Ebook Final 021716Having already read the first two books in the Fireflies series, I already knew to expect another round with the same fascinating, funny characters with lots of heart and plenty of tension. Lisa always draws me into the Kinkaid family and makes me feel like pulling up a chair, getting nice and comfy with a beverage of my choice, and getting my read on. As always the beloved ghost of Jack is once again proving his matchmaking skills and making sure that another member of his family gets their happy ever after. This time with two over the top competitive, scorching hot restaurant owners who have been battling it out for the last five years over everything from neighborhood politics to a recipe war at family gatherings. Soon they will have more than water boiling or coffee perking. Brenna and Dante know how to heat things up in the kitchen and in between the sheets as well as melt reader’s hearts. After getting to know them both in Love Built To Last and Love To Believe, I couldn’t wait to get a bigger bite of this tantalizing couple. 

Brenna Kinkaid is the owner of the local Lump and Grind cafe and is sassy, independent, and loves to win! Her and her sexy neighbor and fellow restaurant owner from down the street have had a friendly competition going on for several years now that borders on friendship at times and bitter rivals at others. Things start changing when their close friends and family are married and things are never the same. Brenna kept me giggling right along with her and her girlfriends Rebecca and Maddie and left me craving more of their “girl talk”. 

Dante Caravici is successful in business, loves to rebuild muscle cars and has muscles himself in all the right places. He has spent the last five years fantasizing about being more to Brenna then just another competition to win. Soon feelings start to change and it isn’t all about the win…or is it? I couldn’t help but fall for the neglected little boy deep down inside Dante and the drool worthy packaging is the cherry on top. Dante checks all the marks on my book boyfriend list! 

Lisa Ricard Claro delivers another poignant tale where fate intervenes and a ghost reaches out from beyond the grave to help his family find their happy ever after. I highly recommend for a romance on the sweeter side with some funny stories along the way. The Firefly series has it all, second chances at love, an adorable little boy, wedding mishaps, and inevitable destiny.


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