Review! Lawless by T.M. Frazier

(Reviewed by Cathy Stansell of Rochelle’s Reviews)

Lawless by T.M. FrazierI absolutely loved the first two books King & Tyrant. It’s definitely recommended to read those first before starting Lawless, because you’ll get to love these characters.

This time around it is Bear’s story. I have loved Bear through all of these books. He is in the lawless army of the Beach Bastards Motorcycle Club. He was born into the club he knows no other life.

7 years ago, to keep from having the police called, Bear makes a deal with an eleven year old girl. He makes up a story about a ring and tells her if she ever needs him, to bring that ring to him and he will owe her. Afterwards he never gave a thought to it, until that rings comes back to him. She needs a favor and boy is it a big one!

“Love. It was the only kind of torture I wasn’t familiar with. I was quickly learning it was the most painful kind of them all.”

Thia (aka Cynthia or Cindy) has had a hard and heartbreaking life. She has seen more horrible things in her 17 years than most have to see in a lifetime. She is kind, sweet, and saddened by her past. She lost her brother early in life, and everything gets worse the older she gets.

“Today I will be strong, For them. For Him. Tomorrow, Tomorrow. I Would Cry. Not Today. Just Not Today.”

Thia and Bear don’t have your typical love story. Actually you would not expect them to be a couple but they work. Thia has stolen Bear’s heart even if he does not want to admit it. They love but they love hard.

“We were two tortured souls….But we found each other. We needed each other.”

One time had to put the book down. I was riding down the road in the passenger seat when I came across a really steamy part. T. M. Frazier can really write those hot parts in her books. I get so red in the face and I need some more air-conditioning. (if you get my drift!) This book does make you want to read the next installment for the rest of the story. It is definitely a book to put on your to be read list.


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