Review! KICK (Savage Saints MC Book 1) by Carmen Jenner

(Reviewed by Cathy Stansell of Rochelle’s Reviews)

Kick by Carmen JennerThe story begins and you learn about Kick growing up. His dad was patched and his mother was a club whore, so he grew up around the biker club. He was only six years old when his mother passed away. From that point on he was basically raised by the M.C.

Kick is a good man even though he was raised the way he was. He uses a woman but he stays with her because he knows her weakness. He’s still I believe is a good man in his own way.

The book shifts back and forth from the present to the past. Kick did betray his old club, but when it goes back and forth you will see why he did it. At one point a dentist molests an old lady and Kick is the one that goes to take care of the problem. He is just going to pick the guy up, but when he gets to the warehouse he finds that Indie has been held there captive and fighting for her life for three weeks. When Kick finds her she is in extremely bad shape. She is dehydrated and has been beaten numerous times. She is still willing to fight to stay alive. Kick is really impressed with her and can’t get her off of his mind.

I really enjoy reading MC Romance books. This like most has rape, violence and tons of horrible things that happen in it. To me that is what makes a good MC book. It was fun to see how Kick and Indie begin to fall for each other. Another thing you will see in this book is drug use.

I especially loved reading about what made Kick become Kick. The past was really very interesting. I was yelling Yes when they finally got together. This is a great book and if you like true MC books you will love this one.

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