Review! Just One Kiss by B.B. McNeil

Just One Kiss by B.B. McNeil


Leah Simone Bradshaw just arrived in Washington, D.C. hoping to put miles between her new life and the relationship turmoil left behind in Seattle. She’s a self-proclaimed ‘good girl’ with her head on straight and a clear vision for her future. That is, until she runs into Matthew Morrison, her best friend’s younger brother. 

Matthew Morrison spent most of his pre-teen years being the ugly duckling but has no plans to return. His good looks, sculpted body and military training have made him a force among his friends, family and the insatiable ladies of D.C. With no plans to settle down, Matthew spends his time giving women one thing—and it’s not a commitment. 

Matthew is a manwhore with the brains, body and bedroom reputation Leah was hoping to avoid. Known for having a different woman in his bed every night, what happens when Matthew decides he now wants to add Leah to the list? Drawn to his every word and movement, can Leah keep her distance and stay focused just when her body craves him most? What about the bombshell in Leah’s past that threatens to unravel everything? 

Trapped inside an insatiable world of sex and secrets, Leah and Matthew prove one kiss is rarely just a kiss.


I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

There is nothing I love more than starting a new book by a debut author. It is something about being on the cusp of possibly discovering a new favorite author and being invited into that author’s imagination and getting to meet new and amazing characters that leaves me a little dazed and somewhat giddy. It wasn’t long before I was drawn into Just One Kiss by B. B. McNeil and this intimate group of lawyers and feeling the tension build between Leah and Matthew. They kept me gushing with emotions and waiting for the next time their bodies would ignite and become tangled in the sheets once again. Their cat and mouse game was fascinating, if not a bit frustrating but when their desires exploded you couldn’t help but sit back and watch!

Leah Bradshaw is the worst when it comes to running from her problems. The minute life gets tough, she heads for the door. So when her heart is broken and she is on the run yet again, little does she expect her best friend’s little brother will be just what she needs to heal her heart and yet. What I loved the most about Leah or Simone as they sometime called her is that she is realistic with all of her many insecurities and flaws that wreak havoc on her and Matt’s budding relationship. I also loved that B. B. McNeil teaches Leah that you can’t always run from your problems but must stay and fight!

I fell for Matthew Morrison from the moment that he and Leah exchanged an innocent adolescent kiss and my attraction grew right along with Leah’s when he grew into the handsome devilish womanizer that he is now. He has the ability to charm the pants off of any woman but there is only one woman’s heart he has always wanted… if only he wasn’t such a ladies man.

B. B. McNeil delivers a scorching debut book that left me head over heels for a new fictional couple. I highly recommend Just One Kiss for a romance that gives you heat, passion, and wrung out emotion! I look forward to reading many more stories by B. B. McNeil and experiencing more of her characters and their uncontrollable desires!


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