Review! Jacked Up (Birmingham Rebels #3) by Samantha Kane

I received a copy via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

Jacked UpHaving never read anything by Samantha Kane, I figured what better way to start but with a hot nurse and two football heroes…who doesn’t love a good menage? From the moment that I met this unlikely threesome, I couldn’t wait to see how their relationships were going to progress, desires were going to explode, and love was going to flourish. It wasn’t long before I completely wrapped up and in an emotional tug of war between King, Sam, and Jane. Samantha Kane takes us into the world of a professional football team that are calling the shots both on and off the field and they are hot, unpredictable, and full of heart!

King Ulupoka is a mouth watering Samoan God with his sexy talk, gorgeous body, and free loving ways. He charmed Sam and Jane out of their clothes and their hearts with ease and suave that is sure to have any reader falling hard for his caramel skin and sinful mouth. Out of the three, he is definitely the most sexually adventurous and is more than willing to share all his carnal knowledge with both Sam and Jane. He had my heart pounding double time and wanting more!

Sam Taylor had my emotions at an all time high with the emotional trauma he has been through in the service and the confusing sexual pull he feels towards both Jane and King. I felt like I was stuck in the

middle of his muddled feelings and uncontrollable desires with no hope of escape. If that wasn’t enough to claim my love when he became more dominant in the bedroom, I was an absolute goner!

Jane Foster is a nurse with a good girl persona that is looking for a little bit of fun for one night, when she happens to meet two of the finest football players around, she is more than ready to try something new and exciting. She is a refreshing, practical with a good head on her shoulders heroine, until she is around Sam and King, then the bad girl emerges and anything and everything is a go with her and these two heroes between the sheets.

Samantha Kane delivers a story that shows that love can cross all kinds of boundaries and lines and show you happiness that you never knew existed. I highly recommend Jacked Up for an unconventional romance that will leave you addicted to yet another set of football playing hunks that know how to send readers hearts and libidos soaring right along with the rawhide. I cannot wait to read more books by this talented author and am looking forward to many more of her titillating threesomes and sexy times with the Birmingham Rebels!

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