Review! Imperfect (McIntyre Security Bodyguard #5) by April Wilson

Imperfect by April Wilson


After illness left me permanently scarred, my husband found solace in another woman’s arms.
So, I left him to start over.

But it seems I’m the only one ready to move on.
Not even a restraining order can protect me from my ex.
But the sexy former Navy SEAL next door can.

Despite my new neighbor’s war injuries, he’s lethal.
And I come to find out I’m not the only one hiding scars.

A standalone romance with a guaranteed HEA. It’s book 5 in the McIntyre Security Bodyguard series.


Wow! After completing Imperfect, I had to sit and let Jamie’s and Molly’s story sink in and absorb all the emotions that April Wilson had flowing through my body at an alarming rate. I absolutely adore the McIntyre tribe and am always happy to be back in their fold again when I begin another of their fictional journeys, but never did I expect Imperfect to be so profound and hit my heart so hard and pack such a powerful emotional punch! April delves deep into many touching subjects with this story that a reader can’t help but be left stunned and speechless. While Imperfect still contains much suspense and sexual tension that leaves the reader panting, April Wilson gives us such a huge piece of herself and her personal experience that you can’t help but to feel closer to her and in awe of her as a writer and a woman.

“you need to learn that every inch of your body is beautiful to me, whether it’s perfect or not.”

Jamie McIntyre is absolutely fascinating in all his former Navy Seals, “I’m not going to let blindness stop me” glory. I am left completely awestruck and impressed with his unwavering strength whether he is showcasing his prowess in the ring, protecting those he loves, or showing Molly her beauty both inside and out. I have never seen a hero that has drawn me in more with his sunny disposition even when all he sees is darkness. Jamie has me so in love that I am beside myself, stumbling over my own feet for this hero. I don’t know what it is about these McIntyre men but they keep me salivating and blushing like crazy!

After what I’ve been through, after losing my sight and learning how to live my life all over again, I’ve learned that it’s who people are at their core that matters – not their exterior packaging.

Molly Ferguson can see beauty in life and can create it on any type of canvas but after viewing herself through her ex husband’s eyes, she cannot see her own beauty. It isn’t long into Molly’s story that I can see all of the scars and strength that make her so unique and fascinating and leave us in awe of her stunning presence which is more than skin deep. I have never met a heroine that gets knocked down by life so violently yet she still gets up and fights. Her bravery makes me weep and pierces my heart.

I just wish I could be a dream girlfriend. But I’m not. I’m defective, and I’m only just now beginning to realize the ramifications of my choices.

April Wilson delivers a book that is so thought provoking and hits you deep in so many places, that the story will forever be embedded in your heart. April Wilson never fails to impress me with her story telling skills but she has truly out done herself with Jamie and Molly’s romance. I cannot wait to step back into the McIntyre world and get a front row seat to the hotness between Cooper and Sam. Go ahead April bring it on! We are ready to experience all the feels, the danger, and the unquenchable desire!

He has no idea of the effect he has on me. When I’m near him, my body comes alive. Dormant nerve endings awaken and beg for more contact.

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