Review: Hilo (A Stepbrother Sports Romance) by Claire Donovan

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

Having already experienced Claire Donovan’s writing in Pimp Stepbrother and enjoyed it, I couldn’t wait to jump right into this island romance. Add in the sea salt air, sound of waves crashing, and a sun-kissed, muscled stepbrother with a surf board in his hand and I am there! Claire takes her readers to Hawaii for wedding full of fun, mischief, and sensual pleasure that develops between Adam and Brooklyn.

Brooklyn is venturing out to Hawaii from her New Jersey home to see her estranged mother marry again. Upon arriving she runs into a charming, slightly cocky, delicious looking surfer. Things soon heat up between the two and before she knows it, she isn’t just falling for a stranger but for someone who is her new soon to be stepbrother. I loved Brooklyn’s sass and her fierce independence. She isn’t afraid to work hard for what she wants and will do what it takes to succeed in the fashion world without compromising her integrity.

“I want to live aloha, even if it’s only for the next two days. Even if it means falling for Adam. In these scattered island moments, we’re full speed ahead.”

Adam is a fun loving, sexy, young man who lives life in the true “aloha” fashion with little to no worries and appreciating the gifts that come his way. When one of those gifts comes to him in the form of a feisty yet fetching woman with curves to die for, he grabs a hold and doesn’t want to let go. Things soon become complicated and he has to consider putting aside the “aloha” spirit and showing her that she is everything he is looking for. What is not to love about a gorgeous guy who is funny, caring, knows all the right moves on the back of a surf board and in the bedroom, and cares about the environment! The more that Brooklyn got to know him, the further we both fell for this board shorts wearing hottie!

“Surf Shack Rule Number One, Rule Breaker,” he continues with a serious expression. “Can you touch your instructor below his waistband? No, no, and no.”

Claire Donovan delivers a love story that will sweep you away and carry your emotions out to sea. I highly recommend for an entertaining read about finding love in the most unusual place and fighting for what you believe in, whether that is an environmental cause or a wrong love that feels so right!
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