Review: Her Millionaire Master by Maria Monroe

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

From the moment I became ensnared with Maria Monroe’s writing in Julian & Lia, I have been a huge fan. She has a way of drawing you into a story whether it is about sexy lessons for a virgin in her first year in college or a woman discovering her best friend’s naughty drawer during TV night. She makes the stories and characters come to life and the steamy scenes leave you salivating with glazed eyes. In Her Millionaire Master she gives us one of her spiciest couples yet. Who knew that dog sitting and spilled scotch could lead to scorching hot punishments and a happy ending in more ways than one. Bella and Kane are sexy retribution and smoldering passion at its best.

“He was as hard as she was, wet. What was this dynamic, she wondered, that had them both so hot? Why were they both so turned on by what was about to happen?”

Kane Calhoun is a man of dark desires, unwavering control, and riches. His house is filled with valuables that cost more than most people earn in a lifetime. When the timid beauty from down the street gets caught flustered and red faced in his office violating his privacy, there is a price to be paid. Once a price of her submission is agreed on, Kane finds his libido elevated and his control slipping. How is he going to remain unaffected and detached with the sight of her luscious red bottom on display? Kane had me intrigued from the moment he found Bella getting a little “handsy” in his office. His cool demeanor, debonair hot looks, and dominant side seduced me into loving his character.

“Her voice was pretty, and right now he could only imagine what it would sound like when he made her ask for her punishment…if all went as he hoped it did, she’d be here in his house, naked spread, at his mercy in just a few days.”

Bella James is a college student who absolutely loves animals and is filled with curiosity about the castle and its owner down the street. She is filled with curiosity and impulsive which often times leads her to trouble. In this instance it leads her to some sexy punishment by the hands of the dark and dangerous Kane Calhoun. Bella is a spontaneous, cheeky, submissive yet strong heroine that keeps Kane twisted in knots of desire and emotions boiling.

“There is was again. A twitch of a muscle in his jaw. Like he was holding back. And a low, predatory growl. This was turning him on. She knew it, and despite everything, a shock of victory sparked inside her.”

Her Millionaire Master is a love story filled with flushed cheeks and hot sex that will keep you up all night and leave you flustered and ready to read more of Maria’s steamy stories. I highly recommend for a hot read with spice and romance. Kane and Bella keep things heated and exciting!


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