Review! Hell to Pay (The Harry Russo Diaries Book 4) by Lisa Emme

(Reviewed by David Bibby of Rochelle’s Reviews)

Hell to Pay by Lisa Emme

Once again we’re back for another thrill ride with Angharad “Harry” Russo in this 4th installment of the series, Hell To Pay. This time around, Lisa Emme gives us a bit more insight into Harry’s abilities as a witch, going back to when we first met her and she was helping dead spirits “go to the light”.  Unfortunately for some of these spirits, they are ending up somewhere else.

Harry has been solving mysteries since before the series began, but this one has her stumped. Many of the “norms” (Humans who don’t know about the existence of Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, and the like) are suddenly going ax-crazy homicidal and causing havoc in town. It doesn’t appear to be the work of Vampires or rogue witches, so what else could it be? All signs point to a new club in town, where vampires are barred from entering by magic. Harry resolves to find out even if it goes against the wishes of her mate, the sexy detective Nash.

When the investigation proves to be too harrowing however, Harry will have to get help from her friends AND some she rather not deal with, namely her father Salvador and the egotistical vampire Tomas. At this point though, she’ll need all the help she can get.

While this book is a standalone, you’d get the most enjoyment out of it if you’ve already read the first three books in the series. There’s loads of returning favorite characters from previous books, and their vibrant personalities shine again in Hell To Pay. I highly recommend this fourth installment, and I can’t want to find out if there is more!






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