Review! Good Girl (Wicked #1) by Piper Lawson


I’m a good girl. Jax Jamieson is a legend.

The day I wrote my first computer program… he launched his third platinum album.
The night I drank my first beer… he spent in jail.
The day he tried to get me fired… I ended up on his tour.

I’m a college junior with my whole future ahead of me. And he’s the vice I’d give it all up for.

Haley and Jax’s story continues in Bad Girl (October 16) and concludes in Wicked Girl (October 23)! A new adult romance series from bestselling author Piper Lawson. If you like nerds, hot rock stars, friends-to-lovers, enemies-to-lovers, pet skunks, home reno shows, flip phones or existentialism? You’ll love WICKED.


I received a copy and voluntarily left a review and all opinions are my own.

Piper Lawson has quickly became one of my favorite authors but never has she had me addicted so easily to a storyline as she has with her Wicked series. From the moment I began Good Girl and met Haley and Jax and began the Riot Act Tour, I was enthralled by the push and pull between these two magnetic characters and was left anxiously awaiting the second book in the series Bad Girl. In fact, I am not ashamed to admit that I might have went a little crazy messaging the author that I needed the next book in the series ASAP! And as a natural born introvert, that is so not like me to do that. But what can I say, Piper Lawson’s writing inspired me to act a little crazed just to read more of Haley’s good girl meets Jax’s bad boy rocker.

Haley Tefler is an introverted code girl who is all about her love a music and Science and technology. That is until she gets the chance to go on tour with Riot Act and gets to meet her idol Jax Jamieson up close and personal. Little did she know that when she stepped on that tour bus, her life was going to be forever changed and turned upside down by one hot as hell rocker and the mystery behind his smoldering eyes. It was enchanting watching this timid computer nerd begin to learn who she really is and her own worth in this world and watch her sexy innocence and brilliant mind captivate and seduce Jax.

Jax is all sexy rocker boy until you get to know the mysterious man that he never lets his fans see, then you can’t help but be mesmerized by so much more than just his musical talent such as his big heart and integrity. I was hooked from the moment he set eyes on Haley and my attraction to everything that was Jax grew until I was left obsessed with eyes glazed over waiting for more time with this gorgeous musical genius in “Bad Girl”.

Piper Lawson brings us crashing onto the tour bus of the Riot Act so we can experience the rush of new love between a good girl and her hot rocker fantasy. I highly recommend “Good Girl” for an all consuming love story that is sure to leave you a little dazed and crazed holding a lighter waiting for more stage time and another journey with this delicious fictional rocker and his ever so inquisitive and shy heroine. These two are a couple created by Piper Lawson that you will not soon forget and are sure to become one of your favorites penned by this amazing author.

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