Review: Fly by Molly McLain

Another reader suggested that I read “Fly” by Molly McLain, and after reading the blurb I just knew that I had to meet Colton and Taylor. Who could look at this yummy cover and not want to take a peek inside? I started and finished Fly in one evening and am jonesing for the rest of their story in “Fight” that should be releasing this month. I can’t wait to read the finale which I am sure will be just as heart wrenching and scorching as Fly. Colton and Taylor kept me flying high with emotion and tied in knots with my heart doing flips watching their story play out. They have adrenaline surging sexual tension, heart pounding heat, and sweet, endearing moments that melt you from the inside out. I am seriously addicted to Colt and Taylor!

Taylor or as Colt loves to call her…spitfire has spent her adult life sitting on the sidelines watching her best friend Colt’s career soar while she gave up everything to help her family. When Colton makes a few unexpected trips home, surprising feelings emerge and Taylor is left with an urge to soar both in and out of Colton’s arms. Can their relationship grow and evolve, or is their bond as fragile as the pages of a first edition Jane Austen book? I couldn’t help but like this guilt ridden, obstinate heroine that thirsted for both her best friend and her freedom equally. She is a bookworm after my own heart that craves so much more than a stagnant life in her hometown and a protective best friend.

“She’s prancing around Bruins in those sparkly blue shoes and tight-ass jeans, and there’s a hunger in her eyes I haven’t seen in a long time. The question is-what’s she craving?”

Colton Wade is equally in love with straddling and flying high on the back of a bike and his long time best friend Taylor. On a surprise trip back home to visit her, he finds that she is as beautiful as ever, restless, and has another man pursuing her. Can he hold on tight to her and his professional career or will he have to choose? Colt or “Country Boy” as they love to call him in the motorcross world is everything I could want from a troubled heartthrob who is living life in the fast lane while his heart still beats for someone back home. There is something about a man who gets to know a woman’s heart intimately before he ever touches her body that makes me melt like butter and Colt with his smoldering looks and bad boy charm wasn’t any different.

“It’s a good thing I didn’t read into his meaty paw on my butt while he held me, because he’s back to normal Colton now. Just the cute, hoodie-wearing, studs-in-his-ears guy I’ve called my best friend for the last fifteen years.”

Molly Mclain delivers a couple that has our hearts in their clutches, squeezing with all their might. Taylor and Colt have steamrolled us emotionally and I can’t wait to see them reach all of their dreams together in Fight…hopefully. I highly recommend the beginning of Taylor and Colt’s story to keep a reader hot and bothered, feeling warm and fuzzy, and begging for what is next. Molly keeps us slightly off balance and holding on for dear life for more of Taylor and Colt! The Velocity series will soon have you cheering and leave you chanting “country boy” and thrumming with excitement!

“Sliding my hand into her hair, I give her ample opportunity to stop me. To tell me I’m wrong. That she doesn’t want this as badly as I do. But she doesn’t, so I close the space between her lips and mine and I taste my best friend for the first time.”


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