Review: Flawed by Auryn Hadley & Kitty Cox

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Flawed by Auryn Hadley and Kitty CoxHaving finished Challenge Accepted and becoming totally entrenched into this fictional gaming world, I couldn’t wait to jump back in with Flawed and see how Deviant Games was created. Little did I know that I would meet such kind, intelligent, and beautifully flawed characters. Destiny and Chance are just the tip of the iceberg with these masterminds and I am already eagerly anticipating the next book in the Eternal Combat series. In Challenge Accepted, Auryn Hadley and Kitty Cox drew us into the gamers world with tournaments, strategy, smack talk, and explosive passion between QQ and Void.
This time we are drawn more behind the scenes to see the ingenuity between creating a multiplayer game and how women are portrayed within this virtual world. Auryn and Kitty give us another explosive couple to obsess over with Destiny and Chance and show us how our flaws are beautiful and can be something that we can overcome and celebrate. Destiny and Chance are brought together by their love of gaming and their flaws that are on the complete different end of the spectrum. Auryn and Kitty bring a completely different and unique spin to the opposites attract paradigm and have us falling for these characters like none before them.

“She wouldn’t touch him and he couldn’t stop thinking about touching her. There was only one name for their completely dysfunctional relationship: flawed.”

Destiny Pierce is a childhood prodigy in the world of gaming that had gathered considerable influence and was not afraid to voice her opinion until a group of angry individuals took control of her body and stole her voice. Now she barely exists, having become a shadow of her former self with glazed eyes and terror at the thought of being touched. When she least expects it, her savior comes in the form of a ginger haired hottie who gives her back the respect that her body and intellect deserves. Destiny is by far one of the most moving heroines that I have ever had the opportunity to read about. She had such a dramatic growth throughout the story from devastating, soul crushing grief to empowerment. A reader can’t help but be absorbed and moved by her story.

“He turned to face her. “It’s supposed to be beautiful. It’s supposed to make you feel good, not be torture. It’s supposed to prove that you’re still alive.” “I’m not really sure that I am.”

Chance Hunter has mortgaged his life to build a game based off of an idea given to him by a prodigy three years ago that soon after disappeared on the scene. When he comes across a waif, with a body full of ink and scars devoted to the gaming world, he knows that she is the answer to bringing his game “Silk” to reality. Having been invisible during parts of his childhood he is now addicted to touch and feeling human contact in the most physical connection possible. Little did he know that she would be his savior opening up a whole new world full sensual lollipop exchanges and shared coffee mugs. I have never fallen for a ginger haired, muscled hero that has such sexy intelligence and rocks it in the bedroom quite like Chance does…sigh! He is an unforgettable leading man that I plan to visit again and again rereading all the scorching details!

“On the outside he was so beautiful, a brilliant fire god made of ivory and copper. She knew he could have any woman he wanted, and did, but none of them saw who he really was.”

Auryn Hadley and Kitty Cox bring a world to light involving one of the most damaged and beautiful Hero/heroines that I have ever seen. You can’t help but love their scars both mental and physical and want to hold their hands and experience everything through their eyes. Flawed was an eye opening, awe inspiring, intricate, and flaming hot love story that is the perfect introduction into the Eternal Combat series. Sexual tensions run high, their chemistry is explosive, and their journey is emotionally profound. All the characters are integral to the story line and have you waiting with undisguised excitement to continue and delve deeper into their leg of the journey. Auryn and Kitty leave clues like bread crumbs along the story to entice and tease the reader that will leave you yearning for the future books in the series. I highly recommend this series to anyone who likes strong women who overcome extreme circumstances with a different kind of alpha man, whose wit, intelligence, and confidence match perfectly.

“No, Sugar. Some aches really are too damned good to waste. I bet you taste like candy.” “Sugar, huh?” She liked it. Oh, she liked that little pet name a bit to much.”


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