Review: Finding Kyle by Sawyer Bennett

I received a copy via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review

Finding Kyle by Sawyer BennettAfter briefly meeting Kyle Sommerville in Wicked Bond when he saved Maggie from the Mahem’s Mission MC, I was intrigued and wanting to know more about this mysterious biker/undercover cop. Luckily Sawyer Bennett didn’t take long to give us another taste and a glimpse into this darkened hero’s life who is hiding in a little town off the coast of Maine. Sawyer soon has us wrapped up in the back and forth between two characters who are complete polar opposites and soon find that they can’t live without one another. Kyle and Jane keep readers twisted in knots and waiting for them to succumb to their desires.

Kyle Sommerville is a dark and complicated man who believes that there is no hope for his redemption. That is until the most beautiful, ray of sunshine walks into his life and refuses to let him stay in his reclusive shell and he soon finds that he doesn’t want to. The only problem is, he cannot give her “all” of him and be the man that she wants him to be. Kyle crawled inside my soul with his horrific past that haunts him and his belief that he doesn’t deserve the good that Jane can give him. Not to mention his filthy sex depraved mind that has Jane’s body swimming in need.

Jane Cresson loves everything about her life in Misty Harbor Maine. She is an art teacher for all ages at the local middle school and high school, enjoys time with her best friend, is close to her parents..her life is complete. That is until a gorgeous, dark, and broody neighbor moves in across the street and won’t even acknowledge her. Little does he know the her persistence and the optimism that she radiates is more than he can resist. I absolutely adored every moment with Jane. She kept me entertained with her sunny disposition and her endless plethora of movie quotes. If there is anyone who needs a little light in his life, it is most definitely Kyle and she is more than happy to give it to him…whether he wants it or not.

Sawyer Bennett delivers a story that delves into the life of a hero tainted by an act that proves his goodness. I highly recommend Finding Kyle for a romance that touches the soul and shows the darkness that some people endure for the greater good. Sawyer Bennett is an amazing writer. Her series are vastly different yet equally addicting and resonate inside your soul whether she is writing about a sex club, hockey team, or revenge, a reader can’t help but become a fan.



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