Review: Fearless by April Wilson

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

After reading Vulnerable and experiencing the raw sensuality and suspense that April Wilson created with Beth and Shane, I couldn’t wait to read the rest of their story in Fearless. This second helping of the McIntyre series that fans have been eagerly anticipating has given us more sexy intrigue and a powerful conclusion for Beth and Shane. In Fearless, tempers flare, passion reignites, and secrets are revealed.

“His touch is careful, gentle, as if he’s afraid I might break into pieces. And that’s the problem. He’s been treating me like I’m made of spun glass ever since the assault.”

Beth Jamison has been victimized more than once in her life, but the timid Beth from Vulnerable is slowly becoming a force to be reckoned with. She has recovered from her latest trauma and is ready to get on with her new life as the owner of a book store and being with the sexy, broody, Shane. If only she wouldn’t have to fight Shane every step of the way. Even though danger still lurks around the corner with her childhood abductor being set free, Beth wants to assert her independence, stop living in fear, and stand up and fight. It was great to watch Beth become more assertive with the direction of her life as well as with her sexuality. She is no longer bashful in or out of the bedroom and knows how to go after what she wants.

He’s distracting me with sex, and I’m okay with that. I want this Shane, this aggressive, overbearing, growling Shane. My face heats up as I grin at him, wanting to taunt the bear a little. “You want me to take my clothes off? Make me.”

When Fearless begins, we see a more subdued, guilt ridden, introspective Shane McIntyre, yet he still oozes sex appeal and alpha maleness. He vows to protect Beth from any future danger even if that means distancing himself and keeping secrets. His new fiery Beth is having none of it and is going to push all of his boundaries to the limits. I loved watching the sparks fly and ignite between these two. The passion has not waned between this bossy Hero and his ever evolving heroine. Which makes for some hot arguments and even hotter sex scenes.

He continues, lifting my dress achingly slowly, until it’s bunched up at my waist, exposing my black silk panties and the matching garter belt. “Oh f**k,” he groans, his gaze locked on our reflections in the mirror. “Those panties need to come off.”

While Fearless may be the end of our journey with Beth and Shane, there is no reason to mourn because there is still more of the McIntyre clan that we haven’t seen the last of. I am already impatiently waiting for April’s next read Broken which will feature Lia McIntyre along with the rest of these intense, extremely sexy body guards and security team. I highly recommend for a read that will provide nail biting suspense along with window fogging steam and sigh worthy romance.


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