Review: Exrated by Stevie J. Cole

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Even though I have never read a book by Stevie J. Cole, I knew immediately from the blurb that this book was going to be a second chance romance, and also down and dirty, which are two of my favorite qualities in a love story. When Tyler and Jemma get together they are force of nature that leave you winded and perspiring…they are just that good! Who would have thought that a porn star and an actress from a children’s show would be so explosive together or have such a complicated history. Stevie has a way of drawing us into her world of moans and fake passion with humor and desire that consumes from the first page until the last.

“When I lost him I didn’t just lose a boyfriend, I lost my best friend. I lost my everything.”

We first meet Tyler Westbrook while he is auditioning to be a porn star and wondering how his life went from heading off to pursue an education in law to performing with his body bared to the world. If only he knew how crazy his future would be once he becomes Johnny Depth and he comes face to face with the love of his past. All the sudden his world is upside down… all the money and the fame may not be what he wants and yearns for in life anymore. Once he has Jemma or “titch” as he affectionately calls her in his sights he plans on making the most of his second chance. Tyler aka Johnny had me seduced from the beginning with his childhood friendship and love for Jemma to his moments of belly laughing embarrassment in the porn industry. I couldn’t help but fall for his heart and prowess while loving every minute of delving into his psyche and getting to know him.

“It doesn’t matter how many women I’ve had sex with, none of them can look at me like she does. None of them f**king matter.”

Jemma Morgan has spent the last five years first auditioning and vying for a much wanted spot on TV and becoming part of the cast for a popular children’s show. That is until a reckless decision in the bedroom leaves her without a job and unable to find another in the industry. In the middle of this chaos her past life catches up with her and she finds herself staring into the eyes of her first and only love. My emotions volleyed back and forth for Jemma from empathy to frustration. She is an angsty, passionate, and often times a judgmental heroine who has a good heart but has a tendency to let resentment and hurt cloud her perspective.

“I shift adjusting my hips to let him sink in deeper. This feels so familiar. So right yet so wrong. This is not where I belong and is all at the same time. F**king someone your heart wants is not a one-night stand.”

Stevie J. Cole delivers her readers a smokin’ hot, entertaining, and humorous story that will have you wiping tears from your eyes with mirth on one page and fanning yourself in fear of over heating on the next. When you open Exrated be prepared for a world of little blue pills, penis molds, and a hilarious bestie. I highly recommend for a steamy read with lots of laughs and characters with heart.


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