Review: Drifter by Bella Jewel

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

I am truly a Bella Jewel addict, with all of her releases, I sit there impatiently waiting to get my hands on another of her feisty heroines and tempting alpha males. I have to read it right then and nothing else is done until it is completed. She completely seduces me with her amazing characters and intriguing fictional worlds. Drifter is special because not only is it the second book in her new series MC Sinners Next Generations, it brings two of her worlds crashing together. So grab your boots and helmets and get ready to settle in for a rough ride with plenty of hot bikers, humor, and heart stopping, pulse racing action. Diesel and Mercedes rock the very foundation of their worlds with an unlikely friendship and forbidden love.

“Still waters run deep, it’s where the darkest parts of us sleep. In the light of day, We’re so much more than what we say.”

Mercedes or “mouse” as her MC family likes to call her is funny, intelligent, and full of life! You can’t help but notice her when she walks in a room with her beauty and bubbly personality she attracts all kinds of attention that results in bullying, a new group of friends, and an all consuming love. She has a unique combination of innocence, shyness, and a surprising sass and spunk that doesn’t fail to seduce Diesel out of his dark world and bring him to his knees.

“He smells good. His cologne is mild, slightly musky, mixed with him. They should bottle that shit up and call it Panty Melter.”

Diesel is a replica of his father’s Native American yumminess with dark and brooding eyes who catches Mercedes attention and eventually her heart. Diesel lives in a dark past until he meets a sexy, funny, blonde that offers a friendship and refuses to take no for an answer. She digs deep within Diesel and sees him for all that he is.

“Remember how I told you when we’d been together a while, I’d take you like this, spontaneous and against something? I nod. “Hold tight baby. I’m about to rock your world.”

Bella Jewel delivers heartfelt sexiness in a story full of angst and suspense. Diesel and Mercedes are the next generation from two MC families that readers have grown to adore and they are following their hearts and creating a unique love that breaks rules and tears apart boundaries along the way. I highly recommend for lovers of leather wearing, motorcycle riding hotties with big hearts that fiercely protect their families to the very end. Bella leaves me pondering who will find love next among this generation.


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