Review: Dirty Little Rendezvous by Emma Hart

It was so great to be back with the Burke family again! Emma Hart rocked our world when she created the hotter than hell, wild Burke brothers and the women who tamed them. She made us laugh, cry, and detonate inside with all of the humor, moments that touched our hearts, and the explosive sexual chemistry between each couple. Just when you think this series can’t get any better Emma surprises us with the sassiest southern belle around Leila Burke and the sexy British rock star Jase Masters who steals her heart in the city of romance.  Emma takes us on a European tour with the Burke family including Mila, the bossy, adorable, three year old to police the Burke’s foul mouths, to rock the foundation of Leila’s heart and give fans the encore that we have been clamoring for.

Leila Burke is twenty-three, newly single and all around discontent with her life. She believes that following her brothers Dirty B band and visiting Europe again is just what the doctor ordered. Little does she know that a hot Brit from a sexy one night stand eighteen months ago will be along for the ride and will turn her life upside down. Wow! I couldn’t get enough of this down to earth, feisty, passionate Burke sister and her feminist ways. If she wasn’t standing toe to toe with her over protective brothers about their silly ground rules then she was giving her “Brit Boy” a piece of her mind or her body. I couldn’t help but develop a girl crush and be entertained by her crazy antics with the paparazzi, giddiness over the British dialect, and her fierce love for her books.

“I’m exactly like they are. Strong-willed. Pigheaded. Stubborn-hearted. And it’s gonna take one hell of a man to break down my walls.”

Jase Masters is old world charm wrapped in a delicious package of inked muscles with enough cocky arrogance to keep our panties, or knickers if you will, in a twist. From the first time he called Leila his “love” I melted into a puddle of goo and never returned to normal. He is not only the perfect match for Leila but fits like the missing piece of a puzzle in the Burke family. He enjoys Leila’s sass,  keeps her weak in the knees with desire, and gives the Burke boys a run for there money…what’s not to love?

“Are you starin’ at my ass?” Bloody hell, that accent is hot. “Beautiful, if you’re gonna bend over in front of me, you bet your arse I’m gonna stare at it.”

There was never a dull moment with Jase and Leila between all the heated sexual tension, humorous banter, sight seeing, and vocabulary lessons I was enthralled from beginning to end. I highly recommend for another dose of the Burke family comedy and love along with heat that we have grown to expect from Emma’s books. Dirty Little Rendezvous gave me all the comforts of being home with the Burke’s amidst pastries and tea on another continent. Emma Hart saved the best for last and gave us an encore worthy performance that leaves her readers starry eyed and emotionally spent.

“I thought the arse-slapping was a given if you’re a gentleman. Not to mention that a gentleman knows how to give a woman what she wants, and unless I was mistaken, you wanted it exactly how I gave it to you.”


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