Review: Dirty Girl 2 by Allie Cooke

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

For those of us who have met and been captivated by Boone and Charity, it is time for a second helping of this sinfully delicious duo. Allie drags us back into the sexy world of voyeurism and exhibitionism with more steamy public scenes and all around naughtiness. In Dirty Girl 2 it is easy to see the magnetic pull that Boone and Charity have for one another which leaves them heated, confused, and trying to fight the attraction. After reading Dirty Girl 1, I was ready to read more about this titillating and “bad for you” couple and find out what other “sticky” situations they would find themselves in.

“He liked to watch, and I liked to be seen. More importantly, Boone saw me. Saw me in ways no one ever had.”

As we get to know Charity more intimately we see her “good girl” facade start to slip and she is becoming more daring in her pursuit of ecstasy. She keeps seeking out more dangerous situations with strangers in order to achieve a sexual high and attract Boone’s attention. Charity finds herself in a battle between the angel and devil perched upon her shoulders in regards to Boone and a guy who is more “vanilla”. Should she choose the safer choice or the choice that will fulfill her fantasies? I believe there are many layers under the “dirty girl” who enjoys watchful eyes and nameless playmates that we have yet to discover.

“My panties were already damp and I had butterflies in my belly at the thought of seeing Boone again. Sure I had questions, but first, we’d play.”


As the story progresses we get to know more about our broody, hot, mysterious Boone and what his true motives are for propositioning Charity. If only he didn’t find himself drawn to this intriguing, beautiful “stupid” girl. Boone struggles with his own dark past and his feelings her and her recklessness that is sure to get her into trouble. There something about this dark knight, who loves to watch as well as participate, that makes me want to dive deeper beneath the surface of his psyche.

“I wanted to touch her, but I didn’t dare. I’d already gone to far. But damn, she smelled and felt so good. Even her hair where it tickled my arm. She was pretty and sweet…and stupid.”


Amongst moans and the noise of zippers, there is much more between these two than sexual gratification and I cannot wait to read their sexy conclusion in the third installment of Dirty Girl. There is no telling what sexual exploration and fantasies that Allie will show us next with this curious, explosive couple. I highly recommend for a sexually intense read that will leave you craving the third course.


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