Review! Dax (Bad Boys of Willow Valley #1) by Shannyn Leah

Dax by Shannyn Leah

Title: Dax

Series: Bad Boys of Willow Valley #1

Author: Shannyn Leah




Dax Colyn is one of the bad boys of Willow Valley. A fearless volunteer firefighter and hard ass mechanic, he makes all the woman swoon and he likes it that way. He keeps people at a distance since his mother died. He doesn’t want to let anyone in, much less a woman he knows he could fall in love with.

Ava Anderson keeps people away, too. Haunted by her tortured past and constantly fearful of the future, it’s only her daughter Olivia and Dax’s dad Rowdy that she’s let in. 

But when tragedy strikes, it pushes Dax and Ava together, forcing them both to let go of their fears. They soon learn how hard it is to keep pretending and how easy it is to let others in. Especially when those people are family.

“Dax” is the first in the “Bad Boys of Willow Valley” series from author Shannyn Leah.



(Reviewed by Cathy Stansell of Rochelle’s Reviews)

I have read several books by Shannyn Leah and have never been disappointed. I was more than happy to read this book.

Rowdy took in Ava even though she was only 19 and pregnant. She had a hard terrible life. But from the beginning she and Rowdy’s son Dax started to care for one another. They try really hard not to really act on the feelings, but it is gets harder the more time they spend with each other. A terrible thing happens and that really throws them together.

Dax is a good boy trying to be a bad boy. He tries to be a bad boy but I have news for him the good boy wins out. Ava is comfortable and happy with Rowdy and her baby Olivia. She loves the town that she lives in with Rowdy. She is dating and she feels like she is a strong woman and can protect herself. I myself think that she is a little bit mistaken.

Tragedy strikes and then does Dax realize what he wants to claim as his. That would be Ava and her little daughter Olivia. Even though this is a family placed together by weird circumstances it is a family of the true essence.

This book has in my opinion all the good things I like in a book. Once again Shannyn Leah you have impressed me with more of your writing. I look forward to reading the next one.

I received this book for an honest review.


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