Review: Crazy Stupid Obsession (Crazy Stupid #2) by Melissa Toppen

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

After reading Crazy Stupid Love and getting a glimpse of Harlee and Gavin, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on their story and see how it all plays out. What starts as a one night stand on Halloween in Crazy Stupid Love is far from over and Melissa soon drags readers back into this crazy college world full of nights out at the “Deviants” bar, the reuniting of old friends, and getting to know new friends in Crazy Stupid Obsession. Harlee and Gavin are all kinds of angsty, hot, and heartfelt.

Gavin Potter is co owner of the bar Deviants and was living life in the fast lane working, partying, and finding a different women to warm his bed every night. That is until the sassy and beautiful Harlee comes walking into his bar and he is brought to his knees. Now it is several months later and he has been running from his feelings for her ever since their one night stand. Now that she has moved on and is happy with another man he doesn’t know if he can ever let her go. Gavin had me hooked on his every word in Crazy Stupid Love and had me spun around and inside out right along side Harlee in Crazy Stupid Obsession. I loved every minute with this hot, commitment phobic, dirty talking hero who grows so much from the beginning of this series until now.

“I want you, Harlee. All to myself. I want you like this whenever I want it. I don’t want to share you. Tell me you want that, too.”

Harlee Travers has lived a life abandoned by both her parents and has severe trust issues. In walks the ever elusive, gorgeous Gavin Potter who rocks her world and then walks away leaving her to pick up the pieces. Soon she has a new beau Bryan who offers everything that Gavin doesn’t but without the spark. Before she knows it Gavin is back in her life and ready to take it to the next level. Can she trust that Gavin isn’t just all about the chase or is Bryan the better choice? This troubled, forlorn heroine who always has her facade in place grabbed my heart early on and had me enthralled by the heat between her and Gavin and kept me twisted in emotional knots.

“I want to commit every inch of his body to memory. I want to memorize his scent, the sound of his voice, the way his silky hair feels between my fingers. I want to remember every single detail of the moments I have with him. Because with a man like Gavin Porter, you never know how long they’ll last…”

Melissa Toppen delivers a heart melting, thought provoking read that shows how matters of the heart aren’t often black and white but are often areas of gray. I highly recommend Crazy Stupid Obsession for a read that draws you into these young people’s emotional and gripping world and keeps you captive long after the last page of the story is read. I can’t wait to venture back into this world and read Paxton’s and Charlie’s story and indulge in more nights of fun and dancing with this amazing group of characters.

“I’ve never been in a situation to care enough about hurting someone, let alone two someones. This has to end, and I’m the only that can make that happen.”


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