Review: Convenient Fall (Players of Marycliff University) by Jerica MacMillan

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Having already met Megan, Chris, and even Matt in “Summer FlingSummer FlingSummer Fling by Jerica MacMillan
A chance encounter at a party brings Lance and Abby together. Lance just graduated and has a summer inte
ship. His parents expect him to come back to Texas to work in the family business at the end of the summer. He likes to have fun and doesn’t want to be tied down too soon. Until he meets Abby. Abby still has two years left of college and a mom who keeps her anchored near the town where she grew up. She is cautious in relationships, not letting people close. But Lance’s persistence we...
Players of Marycliff University Book 1
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: 2015-11-21
Kindle Price: 0.99
Kindle Unlimited
“, the first book in the Players of Marycliff University series, I was ready to jump right back in and find out about these three new “roomies”. Jerica has impressed me with her writing of steamy New Adult reads and has me hanging on for more of her amazing stories and intriguing characters. Jerica brings us back into this world that has us playing chicken with some drunken college students, cheering on the sidelines for some football playing hotties, getting down and dirty with one of the sexy roomies while leaving us with a faint taste of beer in our mouths and a book hangover. What more could you ask from a book about college love? Megan and Chris take us to the depths of mystifying behavior and undeniable attraction that soon boils over and burns us all.

Megan Davidson finds herself suddenly rubbing elbows and being roomies with two hunky football players since her roommate Abby moved out with her boyfriend Lance. Things soon become complicated and heated between the three of them leaving her feeling awkward, sexually frustrated, and completely confused. That is until desire ignites, feelings explode, and their relationship will never be the same again. Megan is full of spunk, passion, and artistic creation that her ultra conservative family does not appreciate. In this story we see her bravery and growth when she shows her vivid colors to the world and follows her own path which is not always easy but is admirable.

“But now you’ve had me, so… what is this?” He dipped his head closer so he could whisper in her ear. “Once with you is not nearly enough.” No wonder this guy had his pick of girls. With that body, that panty-dropping smile, and that voice, girls probably stripped down on the spot for him.”

Chris Watkins is your typical “player” and I am not just talking about football. You never see him with the same girl twice and since the Fourth of July party all he can think about is spending time “playing” with Megan, if only she wasn’t a roommate. Can he resist or are his player days over? Can he prove to Megan that he is out of the game and doesn’t want another “jersey chaser”? I fell for this sexy jock when I met him in Summer Fling and couldn’t wait to see him give up player status and get down and dirty with Megan while losing his heart to her. He is all kinds of hot with those muscled good looks and broody attitude… I couldn’t help but take a harder tumble for this hot roomie myself.

“He just wanted to spend time with her, be able to touch her. He was done denying himself what he’d been craving for so long now.”

Jerica has me hooked on this group of university friends who are muddling their way through school, relationships, and finding themselves. She brings us the confusing and exhilarating feelings of love found while young people are learning how to spread their wings and figure out who they are and what they want in life. Convenient Fall is full of angst, sparks, friendships, and romance that will leave you craving more time with the Marycliff University crowd. I highly recommend for lovers of New Adult and love found amidst textbooks and keg parties.

“Chris, I-” “Shh.” He ran his hands over her skin, and leaned down for a kiss. “I know. I promise to just make you feel good”….He’d been in such a hurry to get inside her last night that he hadn’t taken his time to enjoy the feel of her skin like he was now.”


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