Review: Challenge Accepted by Auryn Hadley and Kitty Cox

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

(click for book info) Let me start off by saying that I am not a gamer and have never really understood the need to play games, as my favorite past time has always been curling up with a book. I was hesitant to read this book because of the subject matter but after reading One More Day by Auryn Hadley, I just knew I had to take the plunge and give this collaboration with author Kitty Cox a try as well. Now that I’ve read Challenge Accepted and experienced Riley and the mysterious “Void’s” story, my view point on gaming has changed and I am ready to be pulled back into this fictional world that is riddled with virtual bullets and game play along with beautiful majestic horses.

Riley or “QQ” as she is known in the gaming world has been left to run the family horse farm after her parents tragic death and has been struggling financially to keep their dream alive. Riley may wear manure covered boots during the day and love every minute with her horses, but she also sits behind a computer every night giving the guys a run for their money in the first person shooter, “Eternal Combat”, and enjoys taking the gaming world by storm. When circumstances bring her to a local gaming tournament with her sights on winning some contracts to save the farm, the last thing she considered was running into the sexy Void and being his next target in both the virtual and real world. Riley is a heroine after my own heart, she knows what she wants and she goes after it and fights against gender bias to prove her worth in both worlds that she loves. She is fierce, loyal, intelligent, and beautiful from her rainbow colored dreads right down to her boots and I immediately had a girl crush. Whether she was handling a massive horse or kicking ass in the virtual world she does it with style and grace that is all hers.

“She looked more like one of the demonstration models than a gamer. A little part of her couldn’t wait to see the shock on their faces when she could shoot as well as the guys. Nothing boosted her ego quite like kicking someone’s ass.”

“Void” is all intense, intelligent yumminess that I just couldn’t wait for Riley to devour… or should I say for him to devour her. He is perfect match for Riley in every way and treats her as an equal yet was still commanding enough to set my heart a flutter. Auryn has a special talent for creating heroes that are not all alpha male but sensitive enough to cherish their woman, have a take charge attitude, and just enough confidence to keep our panties in a twist with none of the over the top arrogance. Alphas eat your heart out because Void has it all and is on a mission straight for Riley’s heart and body. I could tell you so much more about Void but he is a gift of mystery for the reader to unwrap during the telling of the story.

“Her play toy had just changed all the rules. His hips rocked so close, deep, driving against the top of her cleft, daring her to enjoy it. He didn’t look wonder struck. He didn’t look needy. He looked like he planned to conquer her, and he made no effort to mask it.”

Auryn Hadley and Kitty Cox bring the gaming world to life in an off the charts hot love story that at times makes you feel like you can smell the hay or see the computer graphics on a computer in front of you. They take a subject matter that most women do not understand and gives us a new appreciation for the past time that many professional men and women alike use for both stress relief and downright fun. Let Riley and Void drag you into a world where regal horses and gamers are equally loved. I cannot wait to read more about these sexy men and women that spend their nights talking smack and taking out their aggression on the computer screen and show their loyalty and heart outside the game. I highly recommend Challenge Accepted for a perception changing story that will have you falling in love equally with the virtual world and those who command it.

Void: Competition is going to be stiff.

QQ: That’s what the boys always say when I walk in the room.

Void: You have that effect.


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