Review: Caught (prequel to Hawk) by Jo Raven

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

One of the things I love about Jo Raven is that she knows how to hook her reader from the opening scene and keep reeling us in to the very end. After reading both the Inked Brotherhood and Damage Boyz series, I was impressed and quickly came to love her completely different and new series, Sex and Bullets, from the moment Storm was introduced. She ratcheted up the intrigue and heat and made us fall in love with a new group of sexy intense billionaires that dodge bullets in between limo rides and bouts of hot sex. In “Caught”, Jo Raven introduces us to the newest sexy couple Layla and Hawk and gives us a tantalizing bite size read about how these two came to meet and devour one another. Layla and Hawk are mysterious with a capital Mmmm and leave us salivating and waiting for the next decadent bite of the whip in “Hawk”.

From the moment that Hawk approaches Layla and her ex in the middle of the restaurant and he swoops into let Chance know what an idiot he is for letting her go and offering her a dinner that she can’t refuse, I knew I was team Hawk all the way. Who wouldn’t want this delectable suit wearing, dirty mouthed hottie who oozes self confidence and sex appeal like it is an expensive cologne? Hawk shows Layla and readers the darker side of desire and pleasure and leaves us on edge and craving to see the heights he will bring us in the rest of his and Layla’s story.

“I’m not that hungry after all.” He’s looking at me, at my face, as if trying to read me. “I’d much rather taste you.” my throat is closed up. Taste me? “Yeah. And not only on the mouth.”

Readers are taken on an emotional roller coaster ride with Layla through the waves of shock and humiliation rolling off her body, starting when Chance calls her frigid, to the quivers of pleasure and ecstasy that consume her from every touch of Hawk’s fingertips or the slight sting of his flogger. Layla is a ball of need and confusion any time that Hawk is around or disappears without warning. A myriad of emotions were evoked from envy for the heat between her and Hawk to sympathy and fear of her heart breaking from Hawk’s overly mysterious and odd behavior.

“He winks at me and in record time he has my panties off and his face between my legs. Holy shit.”

Jo Raven delivers a beginning to this thrilling, pleasure inducing love story that has us squirming with impatience for their mysterious conclusion. All we can be rest assured of is that bullets will fly, deceptions will be revealed, and there will be many more decadent steamy scenes for us to sink our teeth into. Layla and Hawk’s story is far from over and we have just sampled the scorching hot beginning.


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