Review: Casey’s Choice by Alexis Alvarez

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

Casey's Choice CoverEver since I opened Return and got a taste of Alexis Alvarez’s writing, I have been addicted to her brand of steamy and kink. With each book that I have read, I have fallen deeper down the rabbit hole with no hope of recovery. Just when I thought she couldn’t get any better, she delivers us a kinky, tied up love triangle in Casey’s Choice and has me saying “oh this one is my favorite!” Sorry Parker and Abby from Boston, it had to said. Hunter, Casey, and Max had me swept up in their world and never wanting to use my safe word…because “mercy” they were hot!

Casey Reilly knows when she can’t pass up a good thing, and passing up a chance to sneak into the popular BDSM club Dominion to satisfy her curiosity for the darker side of pleasure cannot be done. Soon she finds herself wrapped up in a lie, exposed, and torn between the arms of two gorgeous men who know how to dominate and elicit every response from their lover. Casey’s heart and body are putty in both of their hands, but now she must choose.

“Pangs of conscience thrummed, but Casey ignored them. She’d be quiet, careful, and respectful. They’d never know it wasn’t Sofia. She’d go just once. She shouldn’t do it-it was wrong on several levels. Possibly dangerous. Nevertheless, something inside her yearned to find out what it was all about..”

Hunter charmed me from his first conversation about art with Casey and kept me mesmerized with every command and punishment he doled out. He is dark and intense and could stop any reader’s heart with his all around sexiness. Hunter is suave, mysterious, with the spice of forbidden that keeps your pulse jumping and you drowning in desire.

“Why  do you think I want you to call me Sir?” he murmured. “Because it makes you feel powerful?” “Because it shows me the gift of your submission,” he corrected. “And that is something so sexy, Sofia, something so arousing, that I love hearing it on your lips.” 

And if that wasn’t enough hot masculinity to offer her readers, Alexis gives us another commanding hero to call “Sir” and kneel for. Max Abbot quickly became my favorite and had the heat ratcheting up with each encounter between him and Casey. Max had the perfect combination of stern and sweet to melt your heart and keep you thrumming with excitement.

“Baby, there’s nothing I like better than spanking a willing woman and having her do what I say, when I say it, because we both love it. I love having a strong woman submit to me in bed because she loves every single damn thing I do to her body, even when it hurts, especially when it hurts.” 

Alexis Alvarez delivers another “tie me up and spank me” story that will have readers everywhere yearning to be disciplined by these two swoon worthy heroes! I highly recommend Casey’s Choice for a romance that takes you into the world of dark and forbidden and has you wishing you could stay forever. Alexis always entertains, fascinates, and draws the reader into her stories and leaves us obsessing about the characters. She is a definite must read author for all those reasons and so many more.

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