Review: Capturing Kate by Alexis Alvarez

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

I was so excited to dive head first into Capturing Kate since I am huge fan of Alexis Alvarez’s writing. She always teaches me a thing or two about the dom/sub world that I didn’t know when I began reading and knocks my socks off with her amazing heroes and heroines, great story, and steamy scenes! This time she takes us into a world of bullets, deception, and intrigue and introduces us to Sloan, Kate, and their special brand of kinkiness. Sloan and Kate bring the heat, the danger, and the pain in ways that keep the reader enthralled and eagerly anticipating more!

Kate is feisty, constantly curious, and doesn’t listen well to authority. She finds herself constantly in danger or trouble with adrenaline pumping fear from a reign of bullets or her bottom red, nose in the corner, and filled with unquenchable desire. She kept me entertained and I absolutely loved her big heart, inquisitive mind, and her ability to push Sloan at every turn. Alexis never fails to bring a strong willed, defiant heroine to her knees with an amazing leading man that doesn’t change her but helps her find a new stronger sense of self.

“The truth was that she wanted his hands on her body, all over. She actually wanted to feel his palm slap down on her ass, then rub. She was curious and turned on all at once. She felt her face turn hot and red. Could he see what she was thinking?”

Sloan is a dark hero that Kate couldn’t help but fall for. He is cloaked in mystery and loneliness that she couldn’t resist unwrapping and having a bite or two of. He had me by the heart and libido from the moment I met this tall, dark, and handsome hero in the cafe and got up and close and personal in the cabin. He is complicated, stern, compassionate, and mouth watering delicious with his firm hand, striking belt, dirty mouth, and other yummy body parts.

“Sloan. Please.” Her voice was breathy and needy. ‘I need “Aw, Kate.” He sounded frustrated. “Jesus.” He paused, resting his hands on her buttocks.”

Alexis Alvarez delivers another panty melting, palm stinging read that takes us to a secluded cabin where a headstrong reporter and an ovary bursting FBI agent set our world on fire and keep our hearts pounding from beginning to end. I highly recommend for a read that will draw you in and have you submitting to the intricate story, leave you bound to the characters, keep you riveted to the action, and while enjoying every minute! Capturing Kate kept me captivated and reading at break neck speed, trying to memorize every scorching scene between Kate and Sloan and anticipate every twist and turn of the case.

“When she handed him the brush, he slapped in into his palm, making her jump and squeak. “Think it’ll sound like that on your pretty soft ass, Kate?”





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