Review: Broken (McIntyre Security Bodyguard #3) by April Wilson

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

Broken by April WilsonI became an instant fan of April Wilson’s writing from the moment I met Shane and Beth and was entangled in their world in the first book in the McIntyre Security Bodyguard series. She is eloquent, her characters are full of complexity with all their fears, dreams, and passion and her story telling skills are off the charts! So when I am given a chance to step back into the McIntyre fictional world and hang out with the family, I am ready and willing! Broken is a book that I have been pining for. I fell hard for Lia from the moment she was introduced in the first book in the series, Vulnerable and couldn’t wait to get to know this feisty bodyguard and see her find her a man that can keep up with her every move! Lia and Jonah are intense, vibrant, and boiling over with untapped desire for one another.

Lia McIntyre intrigued me with her “I am just as good as any man” attitude and she backed it up with every strike of her fist and jump kick she delivered to her opponents with both her body and her words. After reading her and Jonah’s story, my girl crush is even bigger and I cannot wait to visit her in future books. Lia is a kick ass chick with a huge heart filled with passion that can barely be contained in her petite little body. After having her heart broken and her trust destroyed by her first love Lia has huge walls built around her heart that only Jonah can tear down and I couldn’t wait to see the walls crumble!

“My faith in men may be shot to hell, but my body’s not dead. I still have needs, and sometimes my vibrator alone just won’t cut it.”

Jonah Locke is a “still waters run deep” type of hero that inspires a reader to dig deep to get to know the heart of this mysterious character. Once you get up close and chummy with Jonah, he is forever etched into your soul. He is the broody, silent, and misunderstood type that oozes sex appeal without even trying. I enjoyed every nail biting, lip licking moment with this rock star and couldn’t get enough of him from his ratty t-shirts, ripped jeans, scuffed boots, and his down to earth persona.

“I have to admit, I can understand why this guy has fan-girls drooling all over him. He’s definitely fuck-worthy material, with his scruffy good looks, trim beard and gorgeous, soulful eyes the color of fine whisky.”

April Wilson delivers another read in the McIntyre series that has her readership growing and deepens our love for the McIntyre family. I highly recommend Broken, along with the first two books Vulnerable and Fearless in the McIntyre Security Bodyguard series for romance that is sure to leave you dreaming about sexy bodyguards, courageous heroines that are full of sass, and drool worthy rock stars. I cannot wait to jump right back in and curl up with another novella and get cozy once more with Shane from Vulnerable. I am sure that it will be just as entertaining and steamy as the rest of April Wilson’s books!

“I wanted him to kiss me… to drink him in. I wanted to taste him. And now my body’s punishing me for sending it mixed signals. My traitorous body is hot and flushed and throbbing, and I’m squirming like a worm on a hook. Stupid celebrity asshole.”


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