Review! Breaking Dragon (Savage Brothers MC) by Jordan Marie

(Reviewed by Cathy Stansell of Rochelle’s Reviews)

Breaking DragonThis was one exceptionally great book. I decided to read it because I am going to a book convention soon and I will see this author along with many others. I am so glad I’ve read it now, as the story drew me in from the second I turned the first page. I am a true lover of MC Romance books, they are my absolute favorite genre.

Nicole is quite a woman. She is a good girl who knows exactly what she wants in life. But she is also stubborn and strong willed. She does not intend to do what she is told to do by Dragon. She always wants to push the envelope just a little. When bad Nicole steps in, look out world!

Dragon is your typical biker dude. He definitely is an alpha male, he demands what he wants. He knows how to keep his brothers in the club in line. He tries like hell to keep Nicole in line. The problem is that Nicole is not a girl who listens very well. Like I said she likes to push things. If Dragon demands that she goes right, more than likely she will be turning left. She is just like that.

Nicole and her best friend decide to make a move away from her family. They find jobs and a place to live three hours away. They rent a house sight unseen and they head off to their new home. The run into some bikers who think they might make good twinkies. Twinkies are what they call their club whores. Dragon is sadly mistaken if he thinks that Nicole will be a twinkie. You will have a whole new perspective about twinkies.

Nicole and Dragon get together and he just can’t get her out of his head. He never expected that to happen. Everything is OK until danger is around the corner.

This book is full of excitement. Their are great sex scenes, you will not be disappointed reading this one that is for sure. This is only the first book in the series and I plan on reading all of them. Thanks for a great read Jordan Marie.

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