Review: Bound By Steel by Connie Lafortune

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

I became a Connie Lafortune fan soon after reading “The Claiming of Callan” and then went on to read “Because Of You”. So as soon as I read the blurb about Ryker Steel and Lyra Harper, I was addicted and ready to see where “Bound By Steel” would take me. Connie has found her niche in sexy suspense. She had me tied in knots, biting my nails, and on the edge of my seat. Ryker and Lyra are high on steam, mystery, and angst and had me falling hard for them early on in their story.

Lyra has lived the perfect life until one snowy day when she wakes up in a handsome strangers bed in the middle of nowhere after a near fatal car crash. Her rescuer, for reasons she can’t understand, refuses to let her leave. We get to see the inner struggle that Lyra endures as she misses her family and boyfriend Gage and she becomes enchanted by the enigmatic, sexy Ryker who mystifies and seduces her with every breath he takes. Connie takes us along on Lyra’s confusing, arousing, enlightening journey while reading from Lyra’s point of view. I couldn’t help but be drawn in and feel her ever changing emotions.

“He knows my name. Now he’s at an advantage because I sure as hell don’t have a clue who he is. All I can do is nod as I gaze into his hypnotic eyes.”

All I can say is move over Julian because there is a new favorite book boyfriend in town! Ryker is bad ass in every way! He is one of those men you want to slap, sleep with, and wrap your arms around. I wanted to moon over him and ogle all of his body parts from his piercing eyes to his pierced…you get the picture. I was enamored and couldn’t wait to get to know this sexy beast from the moment that Lyra opened her eyes and looked into his gorgeous face. I loved delving deep into this mysterious man when reading his point of view and seeing Lyra chisel away at the ice surrounding his heart. I am so in love with Ryker and couldn’t imagine a sexier, dirty talking hero for Lyra.

“It would be so easy to take advantage of her and satisfy my own needs at the same time, but I won’t force myself on her. Eventually, she’ll come to me. Willingly. They all do.”

Bound By Steel took me away to a snowy wonderland full of deceit, intrigue, passion, and multiple twists and turns that a reader would never expect. Lyra and Ryker have a tempestuous love story that grabs a hold from the first word and doesn’t let go with the last. The beginning is gripping, middle is titillating, and the end is mind blowing. I cannot wait to revisit this fascinating couple again and again! Connie has captivated and impressed me with her talent to pen a riveting and sexy tale. I highly recommend for lovers of breath taking suspense, suffocating heat, and heart wrenching love!

he whispers against my lips, “Just for tonight, precious, I’m breaking all the rules.” And then his mouth is slowly moving mine. Tasting me.



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