Review! Big Stick (Aces Hockey #7) by Kelly Jamieson


A brooding hockey hunk learns to embrace life—and love—from a single mom who takes the world one puck at a time.

Big move . . . Jodie’s motto is “Don’t wait for the perfect moment – take the moment and make it perfect.” And that’s just what she decides to do when she moves to Chicago with her two-year-old daughter. Now all Jodie needs is a place to live, and her best friend’s boyfriend has just the answer.

Big stick . . . Nick Balachov has zero interest in socializing, partying, or flirting right now. It’s not that he doesn’t like women. He loves them. It’s just that hockey, casual hookups, and hanging out at home are enough for him these days. Now Nick has a big problem – because the woman living in his empty coach house is a major distraction.

Big deal? The more Nick tries to keep his distance, the more Jodie needs him – around the house, that is. First he helps with the snowstorm, then the power outage. Nick even finds himself trying to impress her little girl. What the hell is wrong with him? Jodie represents everything Nick doesn’t want. But maybe she’s just what he needs. . . .


I received a copy via Netgalley and voluntarily left a review and all opinions are my own.

Having never read a book by Kelly Jamieson, I really didn’t know what kind of fictional world I was jumping into. All I knew is that I love me some hockey hotties and I was ready to “bed down” with a man who could grab my heart and shake it both on and off the ice. It wasn’t long into “Big Stick” and I was charmed and enamored by both Nick and Jodie and ready to experience all the ups and downs of their new explosive and fragile relationship. If there was ever a hero and heroine that needed someone to love and have their back, it is these two!

Nick Balachov is the epitome of tall, dark, and silent and had me wanting to delve deep beneath the surface and find out who had wounded this hero enough where he didn’t want to have any kind of relationship with anyone but his team and even that was limited. His story sat heavy on my heart and I couldn’t wait for the bubbly and vibrant Jodie to crumble those walls surrounding him and show him that love can heal all wounds. Add in her adorable little magpie of a daughter and Nick’s heart doesn’t stand a chance!

Jodie first comes across as a carefree woman who has never had any hardships in life but you soon realize that is not true. She is positive, loving, and kind regardless of the circumstances and is a strong heroine who knows her own mind and goes after it with a gusto whether a man is by her side or not. There was nothing that I didn’t absolutely love about this character from her strength, her love for her daughter, to her ability to see underneath Nick’s surly attitude to the wonderful man underneath.

Kelly Jamieson delivers a touching, heated romance that shows no matter your past, your future can still be bright and filled with love. I highly recommend Big Stick for a love story that will stir your emotions and leave you attached to some extremely hot hockey players. I cannot wait to go back to the beginning and discover more about the Aces Hockey and fall in love with more characters penned by Kelly Jamieson.

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