Review: Battle of the Bulbs by Shannyn Leah

12.22.16 (1)

(Reviewed by Cathy Stansell of Rochelle’s Reviews)

Battle of the Bulbs by Shannyn LeahI have read and enjoyed several of Shannyn Leah’s books. If you in the mood to laugh out loud and have a quick holiday read, then this is the book for you.

This is Cheyenne and Booker’s love story. Things are extremely complicated with them both. You will slowly figure out why things are going bad causing their relationship to become difficult. But during that time you will also laugh and laugh. Millie and Eddie will keep you in stitches. They pull some shenanigans on each other that are hilarious.

“Sex is a natural thing,” Eddie said. “Do not say the word sex again, Grandpa.” “Intercourse. Slamming. Banging. There’s lots of words I can use.” Booker groaned, turning around and leaving Cheyenne alone in the kitchen with the naked bakers.

Cheyenne and Booker eventually work things out and realize they need to all get along and enjoy the holidays. This book is tame enough that you could feel free to let your teenager read. You can also read the book as a standalone. I enjoyed the characters and their wit. There was laughter, drama and it was just basically a good read. I recognized a few of the characters in the book from previous books I have read. As always I look forward to reading more of Shannyn Leah’s books.

(Reviewed by Catherine Bibby of Rochelle’s Reviews)

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Having never read any of Shannyn Leah’s books but personally knowing a few of her fans and loving Christmas stories, I decided to pull up a chair and snuggle with Battle of the Bulbs. What I did not expect was all of the funny that would go hand in hand with the romance between Cheyenne and Booker. Shannyn had me laughing over the battle between nativity Christmas decorations and the North Pole, and the side splitting humor between two old neighbors and relatives of the hero and heroine.

Cheyenne Collins is coming home to Willow Valley to decide how to proceed with her life after having her past exposed and it threatening her position at work. The last thing that she expects is to get involved in a neighborly spat between her grandma Millie and the next door neighbor Eddie or to run in to her ex Booker. Things quickly escalate with decorations being destroyed and paintball fights along with a return of past hurts and desire between Cheyenne and Booker.

She had fit into his arms like the missing puzzle piece of his life, filling an empty void he hadn’t thought could be satisfied. Love was messy, complicated, hard and usually sent him running in the opposite direction. Cheyenne was the only woman he regretted running from.

Shannyn delivers a holiday story filled with gaudy light displays, arguments between neighbors that cross the line and keep you laughing, and a past love that can never be forgotten and will melt your heart. She gives the perfect mixture of sweet and funny in this poignant tale of Cheyenne and Booker’s romance. You never know when coming home for the holidays can lead to humor, healing, and love.

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