Review! Bad Girl (Wicked #2) by Piper Lawson


Rockstars don’t chase college students.

But Jax Jamieson’s never followed the rules.
I wonder why he’s here.
I wonder what took him so long.
I wonder what he’s going to do to me when I get off this stage.

Haley and Jax’s story begins in Good Girl and concludes in Wicked Girl (October 23)! A new adult romance series from bestselling author Piper Lawson. If you like nerds, hot rock stars, friends-to-lovers, enemies-to-lovers, pet skunks, home reno shows, flip phones or existentialism? You’ll love WICKED.


I received a copy and voluntarily left a review and all opinions are my own.

I didn’t think that Piper Lawson could surprise or titillate me anymore than she already had with Jax and Haley in “Good Girl” but boy did she prove me wrong in her second addition to her Wicked series! The only way I can describe Good Girl is all repressed sexual tension and “what could be’s” but Bad Girl was smoldering and explosive and we uncover more secrets that blow our mind and keep us riveted from beginning to end and waiting even more impatiently for “Wicked Girl” so we could have another encore performance of how scorching these two can be! I am like a crazed fan waiting in line all night for a chance at just one more glimpse of them backstage.

If I thought I adored Haley before, I am absolutely enamored after seeing the strength and tenacity she exudes in “Bad Girl”. Haley Tefler might look all sweet and innocent but once she gets alone in a room with Jax, she is anything but! I loved seeing her bad girl emerge and rock Jax to his core and her self confidence and sexuality grow in leaps and bounds.

Piper shows us once again that along with all the smoldering intensity and delicious sculpted muscle that makes up this rock god Jax Jamieson he also has a huge heart and a secret that will just make him that much sexier. I loved every moment of delving deeper into Jax and immersing myself in his raw sensuality and all around goodness. He melted my heart and kept me hanging onto every filthy word and sexy move he made.

Piper Lawson delivers a second addition to her “Wicked” series that will leave us once again clamoring for more and a little scared and anxious about Jax and Haley’s future. I highly recommend “Bad Girl” for a deeper and even more meaningful look into a fictional couple that is quickly becoming reader’s favorite.

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