Review: Babysitter Quickie #1 by Anna Jaye Wilde

Here we are half way through another work/school week and already looking ahead to our more exciting weekend. But who says that we can’t liven up the week with a little bit of naughty? Anna Jaye Wilde is here to introduce us to another “quickie” series that is sure to knock our socks off and keep us blushing. It is time to get our naughty on with a sexy blonde babysitter who is sure to rock any man’s world!

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

After finishing the Sexy MILF Quickie series by Anna Jaye Wilde, I couldn’t wait to open up one of her hot babysitter quickies and see what other yummy fantasies that Anna had to offer her readers. In Babysitter Quickie #1, Anna steams up the windows with a hot, older, still in his prime divorcee and his much younger short skirt wearing, cleavage hugging, sexy, fresh out of college babysitter.

Never did this hot dad expect to get the ride of his life in the back seat of his car with a babysitter who couldn’t keep her hands off of his zipper. She is happy and eager to offer so much more than just babysitting services. Soon the car is pulled off to the side of the road and sexy action ensues.

“Do you want me? I’ve wanted you for months, haven’t you seen the way I look at you?”

Anna Jaye Wilder delivers another scorching “quickie” that brings the heat while dragging the reader’s imagination into the fantasy world for a small time and then letting them get on about their day. Only Anna can spice up an afternoon coffee break, leave a smile on a reader’s faces while giving them some fictional naughty time. I highly recommend Babysitter Quickie for a pick me up that doesn’t include the kids! Who knows what afternoon delight Anna will have planned for us next, but I am ready to grab my favorite beverage and grab a chair before the opening another sexy short by this amazing erotica author.

“Are you hungry?” she asked me. “Starving.” I watched as she jumped into the back seat of the car and lay down, spreading her legs for me.


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