Review! Anything You Need (Cataclysm #1) by Jerica MacMillan


Fake relationships never felt so real.

With my parents’ anniversary party looming
and assurances that my douchebag ex will be trying to win me back …
I need a boyfriend.
And I know just who to ask—
My best friend since high school.
Now the frontman for the hottest band on the planet.

He’s perfect.
Hot. Available. Famous.
And he’s always been there for me no matter what.

But nothing about his kisses feels fake, blurring the line between make believe and reality until it disappears. When he starts talking about forever, it feels so right.

My ex isn’t deterred, though, and he’ll do anything to get what he wants.
Even blackmail me.

Now I’m faced with an impossible decision. What do I choose when I end up destroyed either way?


I received a copy and voluntarily left a review and all opinions are my own.

Jerica MacMillan created a book that hit the reading jackpot in my eyes with Anything You Need. She gives her readers not only a hot as hell rock star but also a best friend romance that is sure to have your heart beating overtime and leave you with stars in your eyes! I couldn’t wait to open up Jerica’s newest fictional world and get to know this couple who have been in bouts of lust and love with each other for years and years. You just know that kind of sexual tension is going to cause readers to combust and hearts to flutter! After meeting Marcus and Kendra I was immediately swept away in their heat, angst, and matters of the heart. They made me theirs completely and totally! They are sweet, loyal to a fault, and ever so naughty!

Marcus Barnett is the lead singer of the hottest alternative rock band around Cataclysm, but all the fame in the world cannot dim the feelings that he has for his best friend Kendra. Since they met in high school he has loved her silently until she comes up with the crazy scheme to pretend to be together to fool her ex. I adored everything about this delicious man who knows how to sing all the right words both in and out of the bedroom. He shows that he loves Kendra with every loving look, sweet nothing whispered, and sexy groan and dirty word uttered. He had me fangirling early on and ready to buy tickets to his and Kendra’s show.

Kendra Strickland is a debutante that is anything but, defies all odds, and doesn’t plan on marrying for money instead of love. I fell in love with this rebel born with a silver spoon in her mouth that is fiercely loyal to her family and loves Marcus from afar. She shows what an amazing person she is and her depth by falling for Marcus when he was no more than just a band geek in high school. And lets face it, she has amazing taste in a best friend and a guy to pine for. I couldn’t wait to see Kendra find her happiness with her “rock star” best friend. She has a great sense of humor, is super adorable and sexy and Marcus was done for from the moment he met her.

Jerica Macmillan gives us some new rock stars and a new series to obsess over. If you didn’t think that romance and music mix, after reading Anything You Need, you most definitely will. Jerica will keep your heart and emotions in a tangled up mess from beginning to ending with Kendra and Marcus and will also leave you begging for more. I have read every one of Jerica’s books and have seen her writing grow in leaps and bounds. I am always giddy and left anticipating another read. I cannot wait to get more personal with these rock star hotties and the angst and heat that surrounds them.

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