Review: Anti-Stepbrother by Tijan

Anti-Stepbrother by TijanThis is my first Tijan book and having experienced Anti-Stepbrother, it won’t be my last. Tijan swept me up in this fictional world of keggers, dorm room drama, and had me transfixed by Summer and Caden from the first frat party until the last. I soon became entranced and turning every page with eager anticipation of what would come next between this college crowd. Summer and Caden are steamy, heartfelt, and had me feeling tingles everywhere!

Summer has decided to go to the college that her step brother Kevin Matthews attends to see about “reconnecting” with him. She gets the shock of her life when she gets there and finds out that he spends his time “connecting” with other girls. But soon it isn’t just the deceitful Kevin that is on her mind but thoughts of his hot, broody, fraternity brother Caden that is keeping her warm at night. She soon finds herself in a weird friendship that no one else seems to understand with the hope of one day it might be something more. Is she just setting herself up for another rejection or will Caden be the type of man that she is looking for? Summer charmed me with her quirky personality and penchant for talking out loud or spacing out in social situations. She had me laughing at her antics, crying over her kindness towards the people in Caden’s life and whew!… her and Caden knew how to get down and dirty in the bedroom!

“If his pain was an ocean, his facade was the whitecaps on top. They were there if there was enough force to conjure them, and they distracted from what was underneath, but I saw through them.”

Caden Banks is a man of great mystery, who is popular and known by all, but is also private and keeps his real self hidden from everyone. That is until Summer stumbles into his life looking confused, disoriented, beautiful, and sends his world crashing down. Caden is all kinds of yumminess with his morose nature that makes you want be there to comfort him and bring a smile to that handsome face. Add in his sexy talk and you can’t help but become hopelessly in love with him.

“I hated how I felt for her, and missed her, and wanted her with me no matter where we were. I hated everything about it because of how fucking exposed she made me feel.”

Tijan delivers a smokin’ hot love story with loads of turmoil and lots of twist and turns. I highly recommend Anti-Stepbrother for a read that is sure to knock your socks off and have you begging to attend another party with Summer and Caden. Hmmm… now that I have read a book by Tijan, my only question is which one of her books should I read next. She is an exceptional story teller and I can’t wait to read more of her books and become a part of more of her fictional worlds.

“He chuckled, and I closed my eyes. His laugh slide over me like a warm caress, and a tingle shot through me, giving me an excited buzz low in my stomach.”


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