Review: All I Want (Alabama Summer #2) by J. Daniels

All I Want by J. DanielsAfter reading Where I Belong, the beginning of the Alabama Summer series, I knew that J. Daniels had created a fictional world that I wanted to belong too. She teased her readers all through the first book with glimpses and tasty tid bits of the dynamic duo Tessa and Luke and left us with our hearts in our hands waiting to see the outcome with this fiery couple. I couldn’t wait to step back into their world and experience every angry word, passionate moment, and heartbreaking tear. Tessa and Luke are impulsive, volatile, and down right dirty with a lot of heart.

Tessa Kelly is a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it. She thought she had what she wanted with Luke until a pregnancy scare lets her know that Luke isn’t looking for a happy ever after with kids and picket fence at the end of the rainbow. Soon she finds herself with a giant Luke sized whole in her heart, shattered in pieces, and yearning for a bright future with him. Can he bare his soul, let her in, and give her what she needs? I adored Tessa from the first moment she opened her vulgar, sassy mouth in Where I Belong and left me raw with emotions and wanting to read more about her and Luke in All I Want. I soon found myself in the middle of the Luke and Tessa drama with a heavy heart and shouting for a positive outcome. What can I say I am a romantic at heart.

“his pace breaking into a wild frenzy as my lips part with a moan and my head hits his shoulder. This is it. The heat, that sweet fire that I’d die from if it meant feeling like this one more time.”

Luke Evans is a no holds barred alpha male complete with a wounded heart behind a stone facade and adorned with delicious muscles encased in a hot uniform with handcuffs included. I was giddy with excitement over getting to know this hero better and getting down and dirty with him and Tess. Luke captured my heart and held me prisoner from the moment he was introduced as Ben’s partner and cohort. Even with his man whorish ways, I was all in and screaming at him and Tessa to put aside their differences and be together.

“I lose all control, all reserve, and crash my lips against her, moaning the second I feel her skin.”

J. Daniels delivers another heart wrenching, blood heating read in the Alabama Summers series and truly has me addicted to her erotic words and down to earth characters. I highly recommend All I Want for a tug of war on both your emotions and your libido. I am ready to step back into this world and learn what makes the charming devil Reed Tennyson surrender to love in When I Fall and give up his philandering ways. I am sure J. Daniels will soon have me swooning and begging for more of her new hero and heroine.

“Do you feel it, babe? How much I hate you?” I nod, biting the inside of my cheek to keep myself from falling apart. “Good, cause I’m done. I can’t hate you anymore, Tessa. I won’t”


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