Review: After We Fall by Melanie Harlow

After We Fall by Melanie HarlowHaving read Man Candy and having the heroine Jaime really strike a chord in my heart, I just knew that I had to experience her down and dirty cowboy with a broken heart that needed to be mended. Melanie takes us on a little adventure to Valentini Farms to watch the sparks fly between a broody hero in Wranglers and a tightly wound city girl. Jack and Margot soon have our hearts melting from the heart ache and sweetness and our garments singed from the sexual tension and their rolls in the hay..figuratively speaking.

Margot Lewiston is on the peak of reaching the age of thirty and has reached all of her goals except for being married with children. She finds herself at a crossroads wanting to break out of her high society shell that she has been living in and become her own person. Having lived up to everyone else’s standards all of her life, she is just not sure who she is. So accepting a job of being a PR person for a farm a couple of hours away has her craving independence and time in the sun. The last things she expects to encounter when she embarks on this little journey is a smokin’ hot cowboy with anything but a sunny disposition, but maybe she is just what he needs to bring more sunshine into his day. I adored experiencing every moment of Margot becoming her own woman and learning more about herself from her scone throwing incident to collecting eggs on the farm She does a complete transformation and takes every challenge that life throws her way.

Jack Valentini has been nothing but a shell of a man for years since losing the love of his life. Now the family farm is in trouble and who do they send in to boost public image but a polished city girl that knows nothing about farming. He is outraged and not afraid to let Margot know that the last thing she should do is hang up her high heels for a pair of muddy boots and work gloves to learn about Valentini farms, attraction be damned! Melanie did such a great job peeling back the layers to this shell of a hero to show us the pain underneath that my heart ached for him in every way and I fell hopelessly and completely in love. What’s not to love about a man who loves his woman so hard that years later he is still pining for her and wearing a symbol of their love. I couldn’t have been more ecstatic when he found Margot or more hot and bothered every time their passion exploded.

Melanie delivers a story of grief and the fear of moving on. I highly recommend After We Fall for a romance that will have you tied up in this cowboy and his city slicker woman and falling for their charm and story from beginning to end. Melanie Harlow is quickly becoming a favorite author and I look forward to stepping into many more of her fictional worlds and getting to know her beautifully flawed heroes and heroines.

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