Review! Act Your Age by Eve Dangerfield

Act Your Age by Eve Dangerfield

Title: Act Your Age

Author: Eve Dangerfield

Genre: Contemporary Romance with Kink!


Just because Kate ‘Middleton’ McGrath, wants a man to call ‘daddy’ in bed doesn’t mean–
Oh, you stopped reading. Cool.
Kate gets it. Kinks aren’t for everyone. Hell, they’re probably not for Mr. Henderson, her grumpaholic boss. She really shouldn’t have crush on him, but the man is just so goddamn stern. Sure, a lot of that comes down to ‘being her boss,’ but still, it feels like there might be something there.
Tyler Henderson is a golden boy who’s lost his shine. He’s old, his dream career is over, his fiancée’s left him. Now all the former firefighter can do is to try and bury his troubles in paperwork and hard liquor. He says ‘try’ because he can’t get Middleton out of his head long enough to wallow properly. He’s not going anywhere near the girl. HR issues aside, he’s done with sweetness and things don’t come sweeter than a cupcake-baking engineer who knits her own hats.
A case of mistaken identity causes Kate and Ty’s attraction to give way to blistering sex. They have more in common–and more to lose–than either of them realized. When it comes to unreasonable attraction you can rarely change your mind but can you act your age?


I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

I have come to think that Eve Dangerfield’s name is synonymous with the word kink, so when I open one of her books, I just know that someone is getting spanked, bossed around, and readers will get to see the characters fantasies come to life. It wasn’t long before Eve Dangerfield had me firmly ensnared in Kate and Tyler’s daddy-daughter role playing, burning hot, and glued to my seat!

Kate McGrath piqued my interest from the very beginning with her unusual upbringing, her ADHD quirks, and her longing for an older man to give her the discipline and cherish her like she has always wanted. I grew to love this heroine quickly and my heart broke for her when all she wanted was love and human connection. I watched her blossom from a woman hiding behind little girl clothing and silently yearning for a stern touch to a woman who knew what she wanted, went after it, and was unapologetic about her unconventional desires.

Tyler Henderson had me drooling and speechless for most of the book, except for the times when I wanted to yell at him and stomp my feet in frustration. I usually don’t fall for the older heroes, but something about Mr. Henderson’s charisma had me wanting to climb into his bed and call him “Daddy” and be whatever he wanted me to be. I could actually visualize the sparks that Tyler and Kate created whenever they were in the same room together, be it at work or home, they kept readers panting and on their knees begging for more.

Eve Dangerfield delivers another scorching, jaw dropping read that gives readers smoldering characters with plenty of kink! I highly recommend Act Your Age for a daddy and daughter with all the sexy moves! Eve is a go to author for a romance that delivers the sting, passion, and all the feels! If you are looking for heat and lots of blushing, Eve Dangerfield will give it to you every time!

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