Review: A Private Paradise #6 by Anna Jaye Wilde

Happy Hump Day!! We are back with the saucy and lovely Anna Jaye Wilde to talk about another book in her Private Paradise series so get ready to attend another party that will have you panting by the end!

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Diving into one of Anna Jaye Wilde’s sexy shorts, you know that it will be arousing, fun, and hot! A Private Paradise #6 was no different. Anna takes us back into Carrie’s world to another mysterious sex party where sexy strangers put their tongues to many other uses than talking. Only the most beautiful enter through the doors of this sophisticated party, don masks, and shed their clothing along with their inhibitions. A celebration where people give of themselves as party favors and indulge without judgment.

“I wasn’t a lesbian, I didn’t think I was even bisexual. But it helped to be open minded at these parties and sometimes I wanted to touch a beautiful woman as much as I wanted to touch a gorgeous guy.”

Tonight Carrie is going to walk through those doors with Lucie, the same friend who invited her to step into this secretive world to begin with. Carrie is a bit apprehensive to see a bank customer in a whole new light with little to no clothes on. Carrie has adapted nicely to leaving the outside world behind and becoming consumed with her new sexual experiences that take place at the parties. Can she still enjoy herself as much with knowing someone underneath the mask? Carrie soon forgets all about her worries when she is carried away by a sexy stranger firemen style and has her body thoroughly worshiped. As always at each party she becomes braver and discovers more about her sexuality that has the reader on the edge of their seat and wondering what will happen during Carrie’s next visit.

“Lucie held out her hand and helped me out of the cab. She was a gorgeous blonde with long legs and big boob, I wondered how many men she would end with tonight.”

Anna Jaye Wilde delivers another jaunt into a sexy fantasy where words are not needed, inhibitions are lost, and minds over taken by complete abandon. Anna writes stories that are short on time, big on imagination, and addicting. I highly recommend for lovers of erotica with heat from beginning to end. You never know what journey Anna Jaye Wilde will take us on next or where we will end up.

“His confidence was borderline arrogance, clearly knowing that what he was doing was like a little piece of sex heaven.”


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