Review: A Private Paradise 3 by Anna Jaye Wilde

It is that time of the week again when our energy is starting lag and Friday seems so far away. No worries though because Anna Jaye Wilde is here with her sinful parties to liven up our “hump” day. It is time for another romp with Carrie and her masked strangers so get ready to be be titillated by the sexy scenes that Anna Jaye Wilde brings to life with her words.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Anna Jaye Wilde is taking us back to a private paradise that she has created and filled with fantasies that push boundaries and leave us in wide eyed wonder. Carrie James is ready to leave her sedate world and partake in another hedonistic adventure amidst champagne, gorgeous strangers, and sexy props that bring her unimaginable ecstasy. She is no longer a novice in this fantasy world and is ready to be a bit more brave and bold in participating along with being a rapt audience, because sometimes watching can be just as fun.

“I could do anything I wanted inside but that front door was my cut off point. On the outside I was Carrie James with a normal boring life. Inside I was a sexual butterfly, unfurling my wings and anything else that came to mind..”

Carrie is becoming more comfortable in her own skin and each of these sensual parties leaves her satisfied but curious to explore more pleasures of the flesh. Tonight she is taking her time picking out her lingerie and looking her best for the mystery men that she will meet and shed clothes with. Tonight the waiter will be serving her more than champagne and leave her thirsting for more. Not to mention her eyes feasting on a woman and two men with things that go buzzz in the night.

“people were already writhing on beds and orgasmic cries could be heard from various parts of the room.”

Anna delivers another steamy tale that leaves everything to the imagination and temperatures high. So get ready to don a mask, leave your identity and clothes at the door, and have an arousing time. I highly recommend for a “quickie” read that will leave you wondering where and when the next party in this private paradise will take place.

“I lay back and allowed the waiter to slide my panties off and bury his face…”


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